Methodist Thelogical School in Ohio Distance Learning

The Methodist Theological School in Ohio is one in thirteen seminaries of the United Methodist Church in the United States. The aim of MTSO is to arm students with knowledge and intellect that will propel them into leadership and the dissemination of Methodist ethics around the world. As a seminary, the Methodist Theological School roots itself in theological inquiry that aids the spiritual formation of each individual that attends the seminary. The seminary harbors an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity and helps each student branch out in their knowledge of the faith and achieve higher education.

As a part of the official seminary circuit of the United Methodist Church, the heritage of Methodist Theological Seminary in Ohio is a shared one and dates back to the formation of the very United Methodist Church in America itself. As the church was well in progress of opening seminaries of education and inquiry, the establishment of two new seminaries was authorized at the General Conference of the Methodist Church in 1956. Just two years later, construction began and, by 1960, the first class was welcomed, thus beginning the lineage of the Methodist Theological School in Ohio.

Most students choose to take the four or six-year route in the majors of Divinity and Ministry. This typically results in a Bachelor of Divinity or a Master of Divinity, respectively. In some cases, students opt out after independent study and go on to initiate their own pastorates. This is why the second most popular field of study is Pastoral Studies/Counseling. Following the evangelical spirit of the theological seminary, students have also sought to major in Religious Education, but others pursue Theological Studies or Religious Studies.

Currently, the seminary does not offer online classes nor distance education programs. It is uncommon for a seminary to feature online segments of study due to the traditional, monastery-type setting. However, there are many theological schools, including those of the Methodist faith, that are featuring online segments of study, mainly in the form of online courses in Biblical Studies. It is possible that, in the future, distance learners will be able to obtain a degree.

As a strictly religious institution, the theological school can’t accept federal or state aid, however, the collective resources of the United Methodist Church and even local sources have worked ardently to provide financial aid for those in need. The magnitude and recipient percentage of the student populace is not known.

The Theological School is a graduate-level school with some undergraduate study, however, only graduate tuition rates apply. Graduate students will pay $13,770 per year for full-time study. For part-time study, the school charges $510 per credit hour.

The Methodist Theological School in Ohio is a small, but determined institution of over 200 students. Many have come through the seminary to obtain higher education and, often times, an applicable degree. For distance learners that want to attend the seminary, online classes are sure to develop and, perhaps in the future, degrees may be earned online.

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