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Metropolitan College of New York is a merged college located in New York City. At the heart of a Metropolitan College education is the aspect of learning that centers in purpose and constructive duty. Learning at the college is experiential, as it combines knowledge learned in the classroom with knowledge that is gained in the real world. This holistic approach to learning is fundamental to the Metropolitan College philosophy and pivotal to any given course of study that a student takes. For these reasons, students come from all over the United States and the World to study at MCNY.

Although there is no mention of online degree programs at MCNY, there is a selection of online classes that can be taken likewise. All classes offered online at MCNY are taught by the college’s own faculty, as opposed to receiving marginal attention from a teaching assistant or intern. In the same fashion, all classes offered online are accredited and can be used at most other colleges in the form of credits.

Metropolitan College of New York has programs that emphasize Business, Human Services, Management, and Media Management. Most of the students at Metropolitan College are majoring in the field of Community Organization & Advocacy. This shares similar characteristics in leadership and management as a common Business major. Business majors are the second most popular crowd with variations in major. Most pursue the standard Business Administration & Management, some pursue General Business/Commerce, and others choose Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. Elementary Education & Teaching is also widely pursued at the college.

Some degrees that can be earned at Metropolitan College of New York include, but are not limited to an Associate of Arts in Human Services, a Bachelor of Arts in American Urban Studies, a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Human Services, a Master of Science in Education, a Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Public Administration in Public Affairs and Administration.

For undergraduate students, full-time tuition comes out to $16,350 per year and part-time tuition is $545 per credit hour. For graduate students, full-time tuition is $19,560 per year and part-time tuition is $652 per credit hour. Almost all students participate in student loans, but 71% of students have received financial aid in the form of institutional grants from Metropolitan College. Federal aid accounts for 2 out 3 students attending Metropolitan in the form of federal grants, like the PELL grant, and state/local awards make it into the hands of approximately 4 out of 9 students.

Metropolitan College of New York is key to students that want an education rooted in purpose and tied to urban opportunity. The courses and programs offered at Metropolitan College are among some of the best quality of education in New York City. For distance learners that would like to attend via the internet, online classes are already in play and perhaps, in the near future, distance learning degrees will become available.

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