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The Metropolitan State College of “Denver is a baccalaureate college seated in Denver, Colorado. Metropolitan State College, or referred to by its students as Metro State, is large, fostering over 24,000 students in any given year. Metro State is also commendable for the fact that it designs each of its academic programs in an up-to-date, relevant format fitted to prepare students for the changing world of tomorrow. In this respect, Metro State has been a leader in preparing students for lifelong success, in college, after graduation, and even into the respective careers they pursue.

Online courses are hosted by Metro State in a rather large array – literally hundreds of courses are available. Courses span a variety of topics, majors, and disciplines meaning that students can find most of their coursework in this online setting and thus eliminate a lot of the classes that would otherwise have to be taken on campus. Courses can be arranged to count towards a degree in progress, or can be arranged for asynchronous or independent study.

Some course titles include Principles of Accounting, Introduction to Astronomy, Principles of Chemistry, Human Biology for Non-Majors, Foundations for Information Systems, Business Web Page Development, Criminal Justice Administrative Behavior, Principles of Macroeconomics, and many more selections not listed here. All courses offered over the net are backed with the same accreditation that Metropolitan State receives. Courses also enjoy the attention and instruction of Metro State faculty, and not marginal attention from an intern or teaching assistant.

The most popular major at Metro State is the field of Behavioral Sciences, which tends to leak over into Psychology ultimately. This goes well in tandem with the second most pursued major, Criminal Justice. These two majors open the doors to vocations like Correctional Psychology, Criminology, Forensic Psychology, and other applications existing between the many overlaps of Criminal Justice and Behavioral Sciences. Also popular at Metro State is the field of Business Administration & Management, General Psychology, General Biology, and Biological Sciences.

Since Metropolitan State College of Denver is state-supported, tuition varies by residence. Also, since the college is a four-year institution, undergraduate rates apply only. For in-state undergraduate students, tuition is $2,615 per year full-time and $305 per credit hour part-time. For out-of-state undergraduate students, tuition is $11,323 per year full-time and $667 per credit hour part-time.

Since Metro State is most attended by in-state students, many students can afford tuition and need not apply for financial aid. With this in mind, just over half of the students are receiving financial aid in some form. Approximately 1 out of 8 students are receiving institutional aid from Metro State itself in such forms as merit-based scholarships and even a small assortment of need-based grants. Federal, state, and local sources account for about 1 out of 4 students with grants in any given semester.

Metropolitan State College of Denver is a large college that has managed to specifically cater to the needs of over 24,000 students every year. This is a tribute to the college’s commitment of staying flexible, diverse, and accessible to the many different types of students that come to study. For distance learners, there are all different kinds of online courses to choose from and are apt for open enrollment.

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