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Miami Christian University is an evangelical university located in Miami, Florida. With the implementation of the internet, opportunities in biblical education have now spread to distance learners that want to obtain a degree in divinity, bible studies, or theology. In this respect, Miami Christian has expanded its evangelical outlook to the world offering biblical education where bible schools don’t even exist. The university is operated by the staff at the Christ Life Center giving this university plenty of resources and support to ensure that operations, programs, and classes are running as smoothly as possible.

Miami Christian University doesn’t just offer programs online, but specializes in online learning for students that don’t have the chance to leave their present environment to study the Bible. Degrees in the field of Theology offered 100% online include the Associate of Arts in Theology, a Bachelor of Arts in Theology, a Master of Arts in Theology, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology.

The undergraduate programs follow a two-year course for Associate degree-level study and a four-year course for baccalaureate-level study. The Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy are meant to build upon their previous respective credentials and don’t fill out the requisite credits beneath that level. All of these follow a traditional timeframe, but, due to the flexibility of online learning, can be taken at an accelerated pace in order to lessen the time it takes to obtain any of said degrees.

Also available for students that want to simply obtain non-credit certification are three certificates. Students can earn a Certificate of Old Testament Studies, a Certificate of New Testament Studies, or a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. Miami Christian University itself does not ordain or license ministers, however, the parent church, the Christ Life Center, does.

Tuition is paid in full and spans the entire course of study, thus simplifying the financial process of payment. Certificates in Old and New Testament studies both share the same price of $2,700. A Certificate in Pastoral Ministry costs $2,970. An Associate of Arts in Theology costs $5,400, a Bachelor of Arts in Theology costs $10,800, a Master of Arts in Theology costs $2,160, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology costs $3,240.

Since Miami Christian University is a religious establishment, federal aid sources can’t be dispersed to or accepted at the institution. Some scholarships have been made available and are awarded to select students based on past academic performance. The Christ Life Center is also rich in resources and has been reported to have lent and awarded money to students for theological studies. Whether or not the state of Florida grants tuition aid to Miami Christian University students is not known nor is the total magnitude or total recipient percentage of financial aid.

Miami Christian University specializes in biblical education over the internet. As a Christian University, Miami Christian has broken the bounds of tradition and has taken education into its own hands in offering a sensible opportunity to students that wouldn’t otherwise have these educational resources. For distance learners, you can receive a certificate, obtain your bachelor’s degree, or even become a Doctor of Philosophy.

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