Miami International University of Art & Design Distance Learning

Miami International University of Art & Design is one of  many Art Institutes. The Art Institutes are a congregation of over 45 institutions located across the United States, supplying a steady flow of professionals in design, media arts, culinary arts, and fashion. The curriculum for each program of study at Miami International University of Art & Design is carefully scrutinized. The leaders in the industry and prominent experts influence the curriculum and coursework by drawing emphasis to the necessary skills required to get ahead in today’s markets. Classes are small, allowing individualized attention. Instructors and advisers work in tandem with students to ensure successful progression in their fields.

For more than 40 years, the college has been preparing students for careers by presenting a challenging educational environment that responds to dynamically changing technologies and the equally capricious needs of the marketplace. The college is proud of its history of providing graduates with the technical and creative skills demanded by today’s employers. The two branch campuses, The Art Institute of Jacksonville and The Art Institute of Tampa, are building on this tradition to create their own diverse curriculum to outreach to aspiring students that seek a degree in the arts.

Tuition for out-of-state students averages 29,184$/year for full-time enrollment. The strong majority of students attending Miami International are receiving some form of financial aid, with half receiving federal aid, and an even greater percentage receiving aid from the institution. Student enrollment sits at about 3,500 students at any given year; the university has a more public student to faculty ratio of 34 to 1, giving the educational experience the more traditional, arena-type feel.

The university doesn’t have a fully developed distance learning program yet, however some online courses are offered for Graphic Design which can be applied for a Master of Fine Arts. Popular majors include Graphic Design, Fashion Merchandising, Interior Design, Fashion/Apparel Design, and Computer Graphics. Students can start by earning an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Accessory Design. Bachelor’s degrees are available as well by the university offering a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, and Fashion Merchandising.

Students can also procure a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation, Fashion Design, Film & Digital Production, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Visual & Entertainment Arts, and Web Design & Interactive media. A Bachelor of Science is also available in the field of Audio Production. A Master of Fine Arts can be awarded for Film, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Visual Arts, and a Master of Arts can be awarded for Graphic Design, and Design & Media Management.

Students at Miami International University of Art & design don’t simply learn about arts. Students design house decor, make portfolios from photo shoots, devise advertisement art & direction, fabricate fashion apparel, develop 3-D graphics, and auction renowned works of art.  Students collaborate and create networks with one another, linking separate fields pertaining to art and taking on the separate respective aspects of real world projects.

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