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Miami University is a public research university seated in Oxford, Ohio. A hallmark of a Miami University education, despite the massive student body, is a personalized education, both in the selection of coursework and in the individualized environment that small classrooms create. Following this benefit are opportunities for study engagement in research, usually partnered with their instructors, and real-world application of what the students learn in the classroom. Advantages like these have endowed Miami University with a strength in undergraduate teaching, and programs that are recognized throughout Ohio and even the United States for their academic excellence.

Currently, Miami University does not offer online classes or degree programs over the net. However, with the large student body, a commitment to excellence and opportunity, and its up-to-date involvement with modern teaching methods, Miami University is bound to participate in these offerings soon. As with most large universities, online programs are a given at some point in the university’s development. Usually online classes are offered first, and then the selection expands to satiate the requisites of a degree and distance learners can expect opportunities to arise soon.

As a university, Miami University is a conglomerate of several subsidiary schools that each share their own specialties. One such school specializes in matters of general business and this separate emphasis has made the major of Finance the most popularly pursued major at Miami and one of the strongest majors as well. There is also concentrated interest in Miami’s majors of Marketing and Marketing Management producing specialists in advertisement, design, and production management each semester. Equally popular at Miami University and in the school of business is the field of Accounting which has enjoyed the networked opportunities of neighboring institutions and businesses that have hired fresh graduates. Other widely pursued majors are Animal Biology, Zoology, and General Psychology.

Since Miami University is financially supported by the state of Ohio, tuition varies according to the student’s resident status. Resident/non-resident undergraduate students pay $8,178/$23,605 per year when enrolling full-time and $341/$983 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Resident/non-resident graduate students should expect to pay $9,643/$23,295 per year when enrolling full-time and $402/$970 per credit hour when enrolling part-time.

Financial aid makes it into the pockets of approximately 5 out of 6 students each year in total. Federal aid supplies 1 out of 9 students each semester and state/local grants are dispersed to 1 out of 11 students each semester. Institutional grants are awarded to 3 out of 4 Miami University students making the university financially very resourceful despite the already low cost of tuition.

Miami University is ranked 79th for its undergraduate programs on a national level and 34th among the ranks of public research universities. Excellence in education is not only a goal of the university, but an accomplishment as well. For distance learners that would like the opportunity to participated in Miami education, online classes are sure to appear in the near future.

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