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Michigan Jewish Institute is an institution of higher learning and professional education that is sponsored by the Jewish community and located in Detroit, Michigan. Michigan Jewish Institute offers curricula that spans from Information Technology to Business preparing Jewish students for successful careers in the corporate and entrepreneurial environment. As per tradition of a Jewish institute of education, Judaic Studies are offered also in addition to standard Jewish rite and ceremony services. Beyond that, the institute has made successful and continual efforts to adapt to the changing world of business and information technology to make the transition from learning to employment as seamless as possible.

As would be appropriate for a technological institute, online classes are offered in a variety of subjects at Michigan Jewish Institute via the department of MJI Online. Classes can be taken individually to fill out the requisites of a degree already in progress, or one can compile courses online to eliminate the expensive and tedious cost of attending physical class. The options each student has are flexible.

Courses taken online receive the same professional attention and academic excellence as courses that would be taken on MJI campus. Although there is no mention of a full degree program, online class selection will continue to expand with each coming semester until the requirements of a degree are met. It will be at that point in the future that distance learners can expect distance degree opportunities to arise.

Whether by choice or requirement, all students attending Michigan Jewish Institute engage in Talmudic Studies as a part of the core Judaic curriculum. This is often taken in conjunction with a professional program, as the studies can count as elective credits, humanities credits, and philosophy credits. The professional axis of concentration is mainly focused in Computer and Information Sciences, with students opting to become IT professionals, technological managers, and information systems specialists.

Since Michigan Jewish Institute is baccalaureate, only undergraduate tuition rates apply. For undergraduate students enrolling full-time, tuition comes out to an affordable $10,500 per year. For undergraduate students that want to take classes part-time, credit hours are $350 apiece. The rates for online classes are not published on the site, but are most likely cheaper per credit hour than on-campus study.

Federal aid makes it into the pockets of just under half of the student body each semester, almost exclusively through FAFSA, namely, Pell grants. Some state aid is supplied to students with only 6% of MJI students receiving grants from state and local sources. 1 out of 3 students at MJI receive institutional grants from the institute itself. In total, 3 out of 4 students attending Michigan Jewish Institute are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Michigan Jewish Institute has served as a wellspring of educational opportunities for Jewish students aspiring to enter the corporate atmosphere through business and technology. For distance learners that want to attend, there are online courses already in place. In the near future, it is possible that Michigan Jewish Institute will confer degrees at a distance as well.

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