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Michigan State University is a public university with research options and is located in East Lansing, Michigan. Students attending Michigan State University call themselves the Spartans and, following this epithet, tackle the issues facing the world through education and active involvement in their fields of study. The research opportunities are vast at Michigan State University and are nationally recognized for breakthroughs in medicine, environmental applications, and alternative energy. Enrollment at Michigan State doesn’t just mean learning, it means exploring and immersing oneself in the real-world opportunities that MSU offers and the effective environment that MSU has kindled.

There is a plethora of online education opportunities available at Michigan State which spans the range of individual courses to obtaining a degree with setting foot on campus. Michigan State doesn’t just feature online learning, the university is ardently investing in and specializing in online learning technology and distance education platforms. All courses and programs endorsed by Michigan State are backed by MSU’s accreditations. In addition, courses taught online are congruent to courses taught on campus in that the same quality of instruction is given to both.

Some programs that can be taken online include, but are not limited to the Master of Science in Biomedical Laboratory Operations, a Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science, a Master of Arts in Education, a Master of Science in Nursing, and a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management. All of these courses follow a traditional timeframe but, with the flexibility of online learning, an accelerated pace can be arranged allowing faster obtainment of said degrees.

The most chosen concentration at Michigan State is the field of General Psychology. Many students pursue Psychology to enter a vocation such as Psychiatry, Shrink, Occupational Therapy, or simply to minor in Psychology in tandem with a major somewhere in the Social Sciences. Also widely pursued at Michigan State is the major of Accounting. Business programs are plenty, and Accounting majors have access to a bread basket of employment opportunities post-graduation. Other popular majors are Advertising, Speech Communication, Communication Studies, and General Finance.

Since Michigan State University is supported by the state of Michigan, tuition rates vary by status of residence. For residents/non-residents enrolling full-time at the undergraduate level, tuition costs $9,806/$25,200 per year, and part-time undergraduate enrollment comes at the cost of $327/$840 per credit hour. For resident/non-resident graduates, full-time tuition costs $10,416/$21,426 per year and part-time tuition costs $434/$893 per credit hour.

With a total of 88% of students receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree, financial aid is not hard to come by. 2 out of 10 students receive financial aid from federal sources, almost entirely FAFSA. 7 out of 10 students are receiving state funding for tuition purposes or awards from local or external educational grant sources. Michigan State itself awards 1 out of 3 students with scholarships and merit-based grants.

Michigan State University is not just a public university, but is a strong community of students and scholars alike that are determined to achieve new heights with higher education. For distance learners, there are online courses and degree programs available 100% online. Regardless of your major, the opportunities in store for you at Michigan State University are ever-expanding.

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