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Middle Georgia College is a public college that is a part of the University System of Georgia and is located in Cochran, Georgia. Middle Georgia College has received accreditation from various commissions, like the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association or Colleges and Schools. There are many flexible options to pursue one’s education at Middle Georgia with the support of the state and the network resources that the college features through PeachNet. In addition, this college has a developed department designed especially for distance learners that want to participate in Middle Georgia’s programs, but can’t make it to campus.

Individual courses can be taken online to fill out the requisites of a degree already in progress or can be used to initiate a degree taken later on Middle Georgia College. All courses offered online are backed by the accreditation that Middle Georgia College receives. In addition, all courses taught at Middle Georgia College are given the same attention and quality of instruction as courses taught on campus.

There is a myriad of associate-level degrees available for completion 100% online. Some degrees offered include, but are not limited to an Associate of Business Administration, an Associate of Science in Communication Studies, an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice, An Associate of Arts in English, An Associate of Arts in General Studies, and an Associate of Arts in Sociology. There is also a Certificate in Engineering Surveying and a Certificate in Criminal Justice for students that opt to get a quicker credential and enter the workforce.

The grand majority of students leave their majors to the associate-level course of Liberal Arts and Sciences and obtain an Associate of Arts in General Studies (A.A.G.S.). There is also a small selection of Bachelor’s degrees that are earned on campus. Majors at this baccalaureate level are among Airframe Mechanics and Maintenance, Nursing/Registered Nurse, Aircraft Powerplant Technology, and Avionics Maintenance Technology. These are subsidiary majors that are designed for vocational purposes, as Middle Georgia features an unofficial pre-professional program in the general field of Aviation.

Since Middle Georgia College only extends to baccalaureate-level degree offerings, only undergraduate tuition rates apply. Also, Middle Georgia is state-supported which makes tuition dependent on the student’s status of residence. Resident undergraduates should expect to pay $1,832 per year when enrolling full-time and $77 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Non-resident undergraduates should expect to pay $7,325 per year when enrolling full-time and $306 per credit hour when enrolling part-time.

Financial aid, in some form and to some degree, makes it into the pockets of 5 out of 6 students that attend Middle Georgia College each semester. Federal grants supply just over half of the student populace with tuition aid while state and local grants supply approximately 3 out of 10 students. Some scholarships and awards are offered through the college, but recipients of this kind are 1 in 11 students.

Middle Georgia College gives students good quality instruction for low prices and offers everything students need to get to the next level of education. For distance learners, the assortment of associate’s degrees that Middle Georgia offers are at your disposal. In the future, a fuller range of bachelor’s degrees will appear on campus and online.

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