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Middlebury College is a liberal arts college that is situated in Middlebury, Vermont. Middlebury challenges its students to actualize themselves in a diverse and stimulating environment and take on their toughest goals. This can only be achieved through inspiration, the college believes, and thusly the college concentrates its resources towards academic diversity but, most importantly, academic efficacy. Adding to this is a diverse environment with students coming from all over the country, all over the world, and from all different walks of life. This diverse environment encourages independent thought and gives students the rightful atmosphere of choice and intellectual reason.

During the summer, Middlebury campus devotes itself to the use, dissemination, and focus of learning 10 languages and cultures. The participants involved on campus are banned from using English giving the school the unique cultural environment of multi-linguistics. The college has also made efforts to spread its education overseas to cities such as Buenos Aires, Bordeaux, Florence, Hangzhou, Madrid, Montevideo, Moscow, Tokyo, and many more foreign areas not listed here.

The college is relatively small and harbors approximately 2,350 students in any given year. It is about this size that the college stays in order to prevent crowding and devote its resources to maintaining what has been recognized as some of the best education in the entire country. Student to faculty ratio is kept very low, at 9 to 1, to ensure that education is attentive, but also individualized.

Currently, Middlebury College doesn’t feature any distance learning programs or online courses to choose from. The college, however, is apt to assemble an online platform soon, as they have already made concrete efforts to spread education around the world. As with almost every college in the country, online courses will come first and the selection will expand until the requisites of a degree are met. It is at this point in time, the near future, that distance learners can expect distance degree opportunities to arise.

Since Middlebury College is a baccalaureate college, only undergraduate rates apply. In addition, there are no full-time or part-time tuition rates, only a singular comprehensive fee. This fee is $52,120 and whether or not it must be paid in full before the start of the semester is not known.

Just under half of the student populace at Middlebury College is receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree. Federal grants are dispersed to 1 out of 12 students every year and state/local grants and awards make it into the pockets of approximately 1 out of 7 students. The college itself awards scholarships primarily and on the basis of past and continuing academic performance, but also features international and cultural financial opportunities.

Middlebury College is without a doubt one of the top in the country. For hard working students that want only the best in education, Middlebury devotes its attention to you. For distance learners that would like an opportunity to receive premium education, online classes are apt to appear soon

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