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Miles College is a historically African-American college located in Fairfield, Alabama. Miles College is a member of the United Negro College Fund and is the fastest growing college with this distinction. Students have come from 31 different states to participate in the Miles educational environment. In addition, Miles College has received continual accreditation from the Commission on Colleges in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Miles College is also affiliated with the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church both by tradition and academics. In this respect, the college drives students to develop holistically, and not just academically.

Although there are currently no distance learning programs at Miles or online classes featured at the college, online resources are bound to appear soon. As is the case with almost every college in the country, the college will expand its resources into assembling an online platform and thusly classes can be held online. Once course selection grows to meet the requirements of a degree, the college can then start to confer degrees over the internet. Distance learners can therefore expect opportunities to arise soon.

Miles College features very strong distance programs which has attracted the largest group of students by major. Since the college is baccalaureate in nature, the highest degree in that major offered at Miles is the Bachelor of Business Administration, although, more often than not, students use this credential as a springboard to the correspondent master’s level degree, the M.B.A.

Also popular at the college is the field of Communications and Journalism. Here, students have the opportunity to pursue Creative Writing, Journalism, and even bridge their way into Media Studies and various publication credentials. Some other popular fields of study include, but are not limited to General Biology, Biological Studies, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Administration, and Social Work.

Since Miles College is a baccalaureate institution, only undergraduate rates apply for tuition. For undergraduate full-time students, tuition amounts to $7,396 per year and, for undergraduate part-time students, tuition comes at the cost of $286 per credit hour. Many students at Miles College participate in federal aid and 98% of students attending have received grants, like the Pell Grant, for tuition purposes.

State/Local aid makes it into the pockets of approximately 1 out of 4 students. The college itself features a variety of scholarships dependent on different factors and awards institutional grants to approximately 2 out of 10 students each semester. Approximately 1 out of 4 students partake in student loans. In total, 98% of students are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Miles College has grown from a colored college to a multi-cultural institution of higher learning that has sent thousands of students to rewarding careers and further study. For distance learners, online courses are set to debut in the near future, as the college is historically committed to helping those in need. It won’t be long in the future before distance learners can earn degrees from Miles as well.

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