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Millikin University is a comprehensive, baccalaureate university with master’s extensions and is located in Decatur, Illinois. Millikin University specializes in the areas of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Business, Professional Studies, Nursing, and Fine Arts. A hallmark of a Millikin education is that students don’t just learn in the classroom, they learn through real-world, immersive environments which includes consulting projects, intimate work with faculty, and internships. In a greater sense, Millikin strives to be a unique college and this unique environment has inspired students to succeed. 98% of graduates at Millikin either enjoy rewarding employment or progress to further studies.

Millikin, in addition to a wide array of studies on campus, also offers online courses directed at distance learners that want to enroll part-time. Courses taken at Millikin can be used to fill out the credits of a degree in progress, or classes can be arranged for independent study. Distance learners can be at ease with the knowledge that all online courses receive the fullest of attention from qualified instructors and are backed by Millikin University’s resources and, of course, continual accreditation.

Some course titles include, but are not limited to The Law of Evidence, Human Diversity & the Criminal Justice System, Racism, Sexism, & the Media, Understanding World Musics, and many other courses not listed here. There is no mention of a full distance degree program, however the web selection is wide and can fill out most of a particular degree’s requirements as classes stand alone.

Popular fields of study at Millikin University are Business Administration & Management, Nursing, Music Performance, Biology, and Biological Sciences. Biology and Biological Sciences in particular receive the benefits of educational immersion in that students have been known to collaborate with their professors in research projects pertaining to many respective fields within Biology and Applied Biosciences. At Millikin, the field of Nursing has also seen internships and co-education with neighboring institutions and healthcare providers.

Students enrolling full-time at the undergraduate level should expect to pay $24,600 per year and part-time undergraduates should expect to pay $820 per credit hour. Graduate full-timers will pay $15,960 per year and graduate part-time students will pay $630 per credit hour. The cost of individual online courses is not known.

Millikin University is bounteous in the ways of financial aid. 100% of attending students have received institutional grants through Millikin itself as a part of the university’s efforts to curtail the cost of education. Federal grants are dispersed to approximately 1 out of 4 students each year and 1 out of 3 students receive financial awards from state or local sources. Financial aid is readily available to all students in some degree at the very least.

Millikin University is an excellent resource for immersive education that teaches students in life, not just in the classroom. Distance learners can enjoy the online selection of courses allotted specifically for distance learning purposes. In the near future, perhaps Millikin University will award degrees to distance learners as well.

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