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Mills College is a women’s college of the liberal arts and sciences and is located in Oakland, California. Mills isn’t just an all-female college. Mills is a college that has set the standard for liberal arts education for more than a century and a half. Women who seek a liberal arts education have the unique opportunity of enrolling in a single-sex environment. Studies have shown that women at female colleges tend to do better academically than their coeducational counterparts. With that in mind, Mills College completes their trademark advantage by continually investing in better academics each year.

Presently, Mills College does not feature online courses, nor does it feature distance education platforms. It is possible that, in the future, Mills will be offering online classes to female distance learners that want to participate in Mills education. Many liberal arts colleges have successfully and openly featured distance education courses for this purpose and have attracted many students that way. As online class selection expands, degree requirements can increasingly be met online and, eventually, colleges launch full distance degree programs. In this way, distance learners can expect opportunities to arise soon.

Women at Mills College have broken the mold in mostly pursuing Business Studies and Managerial Economics. There are very strong business appendages within the Mills curriculum designed specifically to mobilize aspiring women to enter the corporate and entrepreneurial landscape with the additional liberal arts grounding to supplement. Also popularly pursued at Mills College is the major of Creative Writing. This focus in academics has produced many an author and has even served as a bridge way for women to pursue Journalism as well.

Many women pursue Early Childhood Education and Teaching. This section of Mills College studies has enjoyed many classical strengths as Educational majors have been present since the founding of Mills College. What is also to be noted about Mills is that Pre-Medicine studies are also prevalent serving as a broader alternative to the cliché of Nursing. Other vocationally oriented human studies have also received concentrated attention, particularly General Psychology.

Full-time undergraduate students should expect to pay $34,170 per year and part-time undergraduate students should expect to pay $5,696 per credit hour. Full-time graduate students should expect to pay $25,072 per year and part-time graduate students will pay $6,272 per credit hour.  Required fees per year can range from $880-$1,020 depending on the student’s unique situation.

Federal aid is dispersed to approximately 1 out of 3 students each year and state/local aid matches this percentage of recipients with local awards and state funding for tuition purposes. Institutional grants are awarded through the college to 96% of students and in generous amounts to help curtail the premium cost of attending Mills. As a result of these combined monetary sources, 99% of students attending Mills are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Mills College is a prestigious source of education for aspiring female students that want to remove gender from the equation of their college experience. For distance learners, Mills is apt to reach out to your computer over the internet soon enough. Perhaps, in the future, Mills will confer degrees to distance learners as well.

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