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Millsaps College is a college of the liberal arts and is located in Jackson, Mississippi. Millsaps focuses its resources onto providing an atmosphere that is optimal for all students to study and grow in. The college shares affiliations with the United Methodist Church and is home to over a thousand students from all over the country and all over the world. The liberal arts background that Millsaps incorporates is intended to arm students with the peripheral knowledge that gives them a holistic perspective when approaching the subjects of their field. Past that is academic rigor.

Millsaps has yet to feature a distance learning program or a platform on which online classes can stand. The college is apt to launch some online courses in the near future and will most likely initialize the courses that are needed most within the curriculum. As is the case with most colleges like Millsaps, the course selection will expand and, in this process, the requisites for a degree can be met 100% online. In this respect, distance learners can expect to see opportunities arise in the near future.

Despite the liberal arts curriculum at Millsaps, students have also chosen from a variety of pre-professional studies which has ultimately broadened what Millsaps has to offer. For instance, the most popular major at Millsaps is the field of Business Administration and Management, offsetting the typical propensities of a liberal arts college with practical training. Apart from this, many students also choose psychology which can lead to a specific psychological vocation or even combine with Business to bridge onto topics like Occupational Therapy.

Accounting takes up the rear of business majors studying at Millsaps because, as the Business major is very strong, the subsidiary components of Business have also received ample attention as well. Complimenting the liberal arts also are the liberal sciences. General Biology and Biological Sciences have been picked by many students which serves as a very versatile knowledge base for many different degrees.

Undergraduate students enrolling full-time will pay the yearly fee of $23,214 and part-time undergraduates should expect to pay $720 per credit hour. Graduate full-time students will pay $20,152 per year and $916 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. 98% of students attending Millsaps are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are dispersed to approximately 1 out of 5 students each year. State and local grants make it into the pockets of roughly 1 in 3 students at any given period. Millsaps College itself is responsible for giving 97% of students attending the college some form of financial aid, particularly scholarships and other financial opportunities.

Millsaps College is home to over a thousand students and has invested plenty into the proper faculty to compensate for the student populace. The faculty is full-time mostly and fully qualified. Distance learners may not yet be able to enroll currently, but, in the near future, perhaps online offerings will appear.

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