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Lately, I can’t help but sit down with a notebook and pen late at night and just write. It doesn’t matter what I’m writing, whether it is poetry or lyrics to a song that’s playing in a background, as long as I am writing my flow of thoughts down, I am happy. This post serves as my encouragement to you to get out there, find a piece of paper, and then scribe to your heart’s content. Chances are there’s something in there that you wish to get out by some means.


In a past article, I wrote about how a student was kicked out of his school for writing “disturbing” things. It’s basically the same concept, minus the fact that you won’t be charged criminally for your thoughts, because they’re simply for you. (Who said it was right to charge someone criminally for something that was subjective, like your personal reaction to the writings?) In fact, they’re more healthy than disturbing – considering it is one of the ways to maintain a level of low anxiety.

So what does that have to do with mind-mapping, you say? Well, frankly writing down your thoughts as they flow freely is a method of mind mapping. It’s not necessarily a picturesque one, but it still flows the same exact way. It still has the same final product of a better you – of a more organized and productive you.

Not only does it ease anxiety levels, but as lateralaction suggests, it makes you more creative, too! They claim that there are four ways that mind mapping makes one more creative, and they are as follows: teaching you how to prioritize (sort of like list making to a degree!), allowing for individualization to learning style (for example, if you are a kinesthetic learner, you will not be forced to accommodate to a majority auditory learning style,) helps visual organization (helping creativity!), frictionless thought organization (which basically means rapid organization unhindered by the power of the keyboard, among other things,) and whole brain thinking, instead of using either hemisphere at any given time instead of either or.

Don’t have time to sit down with a pen or paper? Well, lucky for you, people have thought of this scenario far before I ever did! There are now apps available on both Android and Apple smartphones that allow for mind-mapping. There’s even mind-mapping software on the internet that you can download for your own personal use.

There’s a reason mind mapping is so popular; it’s not because it’s some gimmick or something that only majority of people will get. Mind mapping is something for everyone regardless of ability, that can be suited for any strength, and that can allow for serious growth in many different versatile subjects.

Mind mapping is the rough draft to many of our discoveries.

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