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Misericordia University is a Catholic, baccalaureate liberal arts university seated in Dallas, Pennsylvania. Misericordia means, in latin, “heart of mercy”. The university distinguishes itself as having a code of Catholic ethics underlying their liberal arts curriculum which is aimed at caring individuals that want to further their education. Another hallmark of a Misericordia education is that students are individually – almost privately – attended to through every step of the way. This gives the Misercordia the atmosphere of a small college while retaining the advantages of a large college.

The university started in 1924 as College Misericordia under the founding and guiding of the Sisters of Mercy of Dublin using land that was purchased for this reason just 10 years ago. Throughout the years, the university offered education spanning the range of intellectual, personal, and spiritual development for women of all faiths. In 1970, the university opened its doors to both genders and became coeducational. By 2000, total enrollment had reached 1,900 students and, today, the university boasts over 2,300.

Misericordia features a select and focused array of online programs for working adults and students facing geographical barriers. A program is available online for Business majors or professionals that want to obtain a Bachelor or a Master of Business Administration. This is aimed at providing the student with the skills and background needed to pursue entrepreneurial, managerial, or corporate occupations. A similar program is available for Professional Studies which leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies.

Also available is a baccalaureate program that enables students to work with Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Whether the student has a Ph.D. or is relatively new to the medical profession, Diagnostic Sonography can be learned about over this online platform leading to a Bachelor of Science in Medical Diagnostic Sonography. Similar programs are available for Health Care Management and Medical Imaging.

Online programs are also available at the graduate level. Graduates can enroll to earn a Doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy, a Master of Science in Organizational Management, and a transitional Ph.D. in Physical Therapy. All of these programs are operated by the one and only Misericordia faculty and, therefore, students can expect the same quality of education online as on campus.

Certificate programs are also available for those who want to achieve partial credentials or supplement their degree with further training to change or advance in profession. Distance learners can earn a Certificate of Health Care Informatics, a Certificate in Health Care Management, or a Certificate of Geriatric Care Management. Online courses for any of these programs can be arranged for independent study or asynchronously.

Full-time students pay $21,990 per year, and part-time students pay $450 per credit hour. Financial aid is available for virtually anybody that enrolls, considering the fact that 99% of students are receiving institutional grant aid from Misericordia itself. Federal, state, local, and external grants are also available for students on a need or merit basis.

Likewise, a student can take any direction they choose, provided that the university offers the courses necessary to satiate the student’s plan. That aside, there are many prestigious programs and guiding studies that can just as easily land students in a rewarding line of work right in the heart of their passion. It is safe to say that, at Misericordia University, the student comes first.

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