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Mississippi State University is a public university located in Starkville, Mississippi. Mississippi State University invests its time, resources, and finances into pushing to the forefront of public research capabilities and international education and involvement. Mississippi State provides access to higher education in a variety of majors and programs for students of all walks of life and all different backgrounds and cultures. The university is strong in the fields of Natural Sciences, Agricultural Studies, Engineering and Math. In fields like these and beyond, the university has networked its resources with the state, neighboring institutions, and prospective businesses to provide opportunities for students after their time in college.

There is a selection of online courses at Mississippi State Online, where students learning at a distance can receive the full benefit of quality, highly qualified instructors and staff. Credits can be taken online to be put toward an existing degree or even transferred to another college for further study and a degree earned on-campus. Classes can also be taken a la carte, or arranged for independent study.

Also available online is the distance learner’s Master of Business Administration degree. Here students are given a basic understanding of the conceptual realm of business. Building upon this are critical analytical skills that apply to the workplace in many different ways. Once these objectives have been met, the students learn to communicate effectively and articulate their plans to others in addition to learning to make sound business decisions. Topics covered by the program include Finance, Economics, Statistics, Marketing, Information Systems, and Management.

Students can also take a slight variation on their business degree and pursue a Master of Business Administration in Project Management. In the landscape of high competition, scarce resources, and fast distribution of technology and information, project management has developed to become an important discipline in the world of business and is essential to keeping successful companies afloat. Here students are given much the same education as the standard M.B.A. offers, but also are given a grounding in technology, information systems, and some computer dynamics.

Since Mississippi State University is state-supported, tuition varies by status of residence. Resident/Non-resident undergraduates will pay $5,151/$12,503 per year when enrolling full-time and $215/$521 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Graduates pay the same rates in tuition both when enrolling part-time and full-time.

Financial aid, even in the face of low tuition rates, is not at all hard to come by. Mississippi State itself is responsible for giving grants and awards to 2 out of 3 aid recipients in any given term, semester, or year. Federal grants make to 1 out of 4 of aid recipients and state/local grants supply approximately 2 out of 4 students.

For distance learners that are eager to attend a quality-oriented state university, Mississippi State offers you online courses and the Master of Business Administration. Mississippi State University is nationally recognized for its excellence in academics and will continue to push forward to the elite ranks of educational equality.

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