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Mississippi Valley State University is a historically African-American University seated in Itta Bena, Mississippi. The prime directive of MVSU is to propel students through the challenges of a higher education into success after college and beyond. There is a variety of resources available to students that span from academic help to career services to help straighten out the student’s path to success. Adding to this is the university’s commitment to diversity. It is commonly known among the collegiate ranks that diversity promotes inquiry and independent though and is thusly an excellent mean of enhancing education for all.

Mississippi Valley State University harbors a variety of online courses designed with the distance learner in mind. Classes span a variety of topics and are backed by the instruction of Mississippi Valley’s own quality, and highly qualified instructors and staff. In addition, each credit or course that a student gains is backed by the accreditation that Mississippi Valley continually receives.

Classes can be taken individually so that the student can assemble their own educational plan instead of subscribing to any given degree. Classes can also be taken asynchronously or for independent study. Credits earned online are accepted at most colleges and universities across the country and can, of course, be applied to a degree later earned at Mississippi Valley on campus.

Distance education at Mississippi Valley State University is also very inclusive of teaching technology. Classes that are offered throughout Mississippi and other states over the internet are shot with video technology, among other class options. In this way, distance learners can get a real classroom experience in that they are able to see and hear all that the instructor does. Although current video courses are limited, there will be more credits that can be earned via video courses in the near future.

Since Mississippi Valley State University is state-supported, tuition rates vary by status of residency. Resident/Non-resident undergraduates will pay $4,417/$10,198 per year when enrolling full-time and $184/$241 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Resident/Non-resident graduates will pay $4,578/$11,630 when enrolling full-time and $254/$325 per credit hour when enrolling part-time.

When it comes to matters of financial aid, students often partake in student loans, but there are also many different grants and awards available for use at MVSU. The university itself is responsible for the financial aid of just under half of all aid recipients. Federal grants make it into the pockets of 4 out of 5 MVSU aid recipients and state/local sources provide 1 out of 7 financial aid recipients with grants for tuition purposes.

Mississippi Valley State University has grown from a higher education institution of color into a diverse, flourishing university for students of all different backgrounds and cultures. For distance learners eager to attend MVSU, there is an assortment of courses available for earning credits online. Perhaps, in the near future, Mississippi Valley State University will confer degrees to distance learners as well.

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