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Missouri Baptist University is an evangelical university that located in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Missouri Baptist bases much of its curriculum in the liberal arts giving students the opportunity to choose from a broad range of topics in addition to a rounded collegiate perspective when pursuing their own specific fields. Building upon this is the continual maintenance of Biblically based Christian perspective that is present in all aspects of Missouri Baptist academics. In this manner, the university educates the whole student which includes the mind, the spirit, and the intellect and has attracted over 4,600 students to campus for these reasons.

Currently, Missouri Baptist University features a small variety of online classes to choose from. These classes are designed to allow students to get rid of boilerplate general education credits and their expense when taking them on campus. Instead, students can fill out their degree requisites online saving them time and money.

Courses can also be arranged asynchronously if the student so desires. Independent study is also an option when arranging courses because courses don’t follow strict deadlines and open each term. If the student wants, credits can be applied to a degree at other universities or colleges, for most credits earned at Missouri Baptist are accepted elsewhere.

In the near future, Missouri Baptist will launch four degrees online spanning the graduate level and the undergraduate level. Four degrees will be conferred over the net: the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Arts in Counseling, the Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction, and the Bachelor of Science in Sport Management. These degrees will be able to be earned 100% online without having to come to campus for meetings or checkpoints. In addition all online classes presently offered and all future programs are taught by Missouri Baptist instructors and are backed by the university’s accreditation.

Undergraduate students will pay $16,170 per year when enrolling full-time and part-time undergraduate students will pay $560 per credit hour. Graduate students will pay $7,290 per year when enrolling full-time and $405 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Due in part to Missouri Baptist University’s rich, Christian resources, there are plenty of financial aid options for students.

Federal grants, namely Pell Grants, are responsible for the financial aid of 1 out of 4 tuition aid recipients. State and local grants are responsible for roughly the same portion of tuition aid recipients. Missouri Baptist University itself supplies almost every financial aid recipient with some form of aid, usually in the form of scholarships based on past academic performance, but also some need-based, charitable, or Christian grants for study.

Missouri Baptist University started as and remains a wellspring of opportunities for Christian students that want to enrich their lives with higher education. For distance learners, the university has focused its efforts to you in offering online courses. Soon, there will be an assortment of online degrees so that distance learners can graduate as well – and from home no less.

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