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Missouri Southern State University is a state-supported public university situated in Joplin, Missouri. The university offers a broad range of studies for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The university is also committed towards its international scope which is a philanthropy aimed at educating students from around the world. The curriculum that Missouri Southern offers is based off of concentrations in the liberals, pre-professional programs, professional programs, and everything between these fields. Students that enroll at Missouri Southern State University want a complete education – one that gives them the tools they need to navigate their field and an education that gives them the peripheral knowledge that is needed for a collegiate perspective.

Missouri Southern offers an array of courses that can be taken any which way the distance learner desires. Credits earned at MSSU can be applied to a degree that is later earned on campus or they can be transferred to another institution of higher learning; most colleges and universities accept credits earned online from MSSU. There is also the option of maintaining independent study. All classes offered online at MSSU are taught by MSSU faculty and are backed by the accreditation that MSSU has received.

There is also a full degree program that is available at MSSU. This degree program results in the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health. This program is designed for transfer students that have already completed some credits and want to complete their degree online. The requirements of chemistry, mathematics, physics, general education, and biology must be met before being admitted to the Environmental Health program. Then the student completes a series of credits and coursework and is awarded the degree at the end of the track.

The most popular field at MSSU is the major of Business Administration and Management. Many successful business students have risen from MSSU and the university can thusly be considered a strong university for Business related programs. Other popular majors include, but are not limited to Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Administration, Elementary Education & Teaching, Secondary Education & Teaching, and General Studies.

Since Missouri Southern State University is state-supported, tuition is dependent on the student’s status of residency. Resident/Non-resident undergraduates will pay $4,290/$8,580 per year when enrolling full-time and $143/$286 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Resident/Non-resident graduates will pay $4,320/$8,154 per year when enrolling full-time and $240/$453 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Rates for either in-state or out-of-state students are very inexpensive.

Financial aid is available mostly through the university itself despite its already low costs. 3 out of 5 students receiving financial aid are getting institutional grants from MSSU itself. 2 out of 5 students receiving financial aid are receiving grants from federal sources, mainly FAFSA. State/local grants are responsible for supplying 1 out of 3 financial aid recipients with tuition grants.

Missouri Southern State University is a wellspring of opportunities for students that want to pursue higher education without dealing with the unnecessarily high price tag. For distance learners, there is the option of taking courses online or earning the aforementioned bachelor’s degree. There will be more options available over the internet in the future, just as there will be on campus.

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