Missouri State University Distance Learning

Missouri State University is a public university that is located in Springfield, Missouri. With a large population of students, almost 20,000, the university has kept up to speed by maintaining a student to faculty ratio of 18 to 1 and small classroom sizes. The university is comprised of a College of Business Administration, a College of Humanities and Public Affairs, a College of Natural and Applied Sciences, a College of Education, a College of Arts and Letters, and a College of Health and Human Services. Each college is its own remarkable institution giving the university virtually limitless possibilities for each and every student.

For distance learners there is a large variety of options that can suit your needs 100% online. Starting this list, of course, is a wide range of online courses that can be taken any which way the student sees fit. There are also undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and certificates that can be earned 100% or 50+% online.

There are two undergraduate degrees that can be earned completely online, and a myriad of undergraduate degrees that are taken in a hybrid format. The two degrees are the Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (which is taken from the level of Registered Nurse onward). Either of these degrees can be taken at a standard pace or the student can stack classes to take on a more accelerated pace.

There are three degrees at the graduate level that can be earned 100% online. These three are the Master of Science in Project Management, the Master of Arts in History, and the Master of Science in Administrative Studies. The Master of Science in Administrative Studies can be completed with a concentration in Applied Communications, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Project Management, and Sports Management.

There is also a good selection of certificates for students that want to take a degree track that is specific to their vocation. Students can earn a Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security and Defense, a Post Master’s Nurse Educator Certificate, a Graduate Certificate in Orientation and Mobility, a Graduate Certificate in Sports Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

Since Missouri State is state-supported, tuition rates vary by status of residency. Resident/Non-resident undergraduate students pay $5,580/$11,160 per year when enrolling full-time and $186/$372 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Resident/Non-resident graduate students pay $5,136/$10,272 per year when enrolling full-time and $214/$428 per credit hour when enrolling part-time.

The university supplies students with a plethora of financial aid options despite the already reasonably low cost of tuition. Just under half of financial aid recipients are receiving institutional grants from MSU itself. Federal aid makes it into the pockets of 2 out of 9 aid recipients and state/local grants supply approximately 2 out of 8. In short, financial aid is not hard to come by.

Missouri State University is a public university that has networked its resources with the state, neighboring institutions and its subsidiary institutions to supply students with limitless education options. Distance learners have plenty of degrees and certificates to choose from and even more if they are planning to complete their degree later on campus.

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