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Missouri Tech is a baccalaureate technological institute that is located in Saint Louis, Missouri. The institute specializes in the fields of computer science, electronics, and related studies that fall in between. The main focus of this college is to prepare students for careers in the majors of Network Administration, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Software Engineering in order to prepare them for these vocations at the collegiate stage and onward into their careers. The education students receive at Missouri Tech is both top quality and affordable due to the fact that majors are profession-specific and the teachers are usually professionals themselves.

As of yet, Missouri Tech doesn’t feature any online classes nor does it feature distance learning platforms. As a technological institution, Missouri Tech should be the first in offering classes and degrees online, although the current unavailability of these options is probably just a matter of time and development. Colleges and universities all over the country, let alone technological institutions, are featuring distance education programs and courses. Distance learners can therefore expect opportunities to arise from Missouri Tech soon enough.

The most popularly pursued field of study is Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications. This field is most commonly associated with positions that are either managerial or technical in nature in the corporate landscape. Most pursue this major to receive a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Applied Science for entry into the workforce or a course of graduate study.

Also popular at Missouri Tech are the related fields of Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering, and Electronics Maintenance. These features pan across the range of engineering positions, technical positions, and maintenance positions as the resultant career. Students that don’t study in this area usually fall back into the more generic major of Information Technology. In either case, these studies are best suited towards Information Technology vocations anyway.

Since Missouri Tech is baccalaureate in nature, only undergraduate rates apply. Students enrolling full-time at Missouri Tech should expect to pay $12,600 per year and, for part-time undergraduates, tuition comes at the cost of $525 per credit hour.  Enrollment at Missouri Tech is very small, but, nonetheless, students have been able to procure financial aid just fine. Federal grants have given tuition aid to 1 out of 3 financial aid recipients. The remainder of students partake in student loans, but this portion is minimal.

Missouri Tech is a small technical school with a big outlook of opportunities when it comes to a technology-based job in the world of corporations and engineering companies. Although there are no online options for distance learners quite yet, online options will certainly increase as enrollment increases as well each year. Many successful IT specialists and engineers have emerged from Missouri Tech and have enjoyed rewarding lines of work as a result. It’s no question that Missouri Tech will continue to expand its resources to give more and more students, distance learners included, a quality education as well.

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