Mistakes with Scheduling

When you first get to college, you have the opportunity to plan when you want to go to your classes. You get to pick if you take them in the mornings, afternoons, and nights – based on teacher availability and seating availability. Nonetheless, you will find this freedom to be quite the liberating feeling. No more getting up at five am to spend eight hours in a place where you don’t even care about anything and all you want to do is crawl back into the cave you call a room!

It's all on your time now. (photo by Simon Shek)

It’s all on your time now. (photo by Simon Shek)

However, I am learning, from my friend’s mistakes and my own, that making your own schedule isn’t the best idea.

#1. My Mistake

I’ll be the first one to own up when I have a problem, and my problem this time was with scheduling. I stupidly and in much regret, scheduled myself for classes Monday through Friday, with my hours ranging from being on the road at 8:00 AM to, at the latest, 2:45 PM.

Yeah, don’t do that to yourself. Most people in college have classes four days out of the week, not five. That was mistake number one.

The second was scheduling my classes so early. I’ve found that the prime time to go to class is about 1PM and further on into the day. Let’s face it, no one wants to be up in the morning.

The third was taking five classes, when majority of college students take four per semester. Granted, my extra class is a lab, but it still kills me that I have to go to school Monday through Friday because of it.

#2. One of My Friend’s Mistakes

I’m actually going to try this one out – maybe because I’m air-headed and I want to know for myself – but my friend said that it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to schedule her classes out the way she did. Although, it is perfect for if you are working and going to school simultaneously.

Anyway, her idea was to take all of her classes (which is the average, four) – and finish them all in two days at the beginning of the week, so she could have the rest of the week for work and homework, uninterrupted. She starts her classes in the afternoon and ends them at night, which she doesn’t mind because she’s well-rested anyway – but she says her days are long and it’s a bit bothersome.

I would love to go to school for only two days, and then have the rest of the week to do anything that I wanted. As long as you know how to stay on top of your homework and whatnot, you should be fine.

Anyway, these are two mistakes that I have found, either by personal experience or a friend’s, in scheduling. Of course it is your decision on how you schedule yourself, based on what you find is best for you. Here’s some tips if you’re not exactly sure what to do.

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