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Mitchell College is a college of the liberal arts and is located in New London, Connecticut. Mitchell College specializes in harboring a nurturing environment for students regardless of their needs so that all students at Mitchell College can succeed and surpass their goals. There is a variety of options when applying at Mitchell College that span from curriculum to career services and even one-on-one consultation with faculty on whatever matters the student needs. For reasons like these, Mitchell College has become home to almost 1,000 students and will continue to grow as popularity inevitably increases.

Due to Mitchell College’s limited size, there currently are no distance learning programs nor are there online courses that can be taken by distance learners. With the college’s emphasis on offering help to all who come to Mitchell, the college is bound to expand the curriculum into an online format where courses will eventually reside. From there degree programs will develop, but none of this will occur without the meticulous attention to quality and smooth operation. Distance learners will see opportunities arise from Mitchell College soon enough.

Many students at Mitchell College leave their studies open to Liberal Arts and Sciences or Liberal Studies. This can lead to an Associate of Arts or a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. These credentials are good for when a student wants to compile general education credits in addition to foundations of a specific degree without subscribing to a specific degree program. Most colleges and universities accept credits earned at Mitchell College, making the liberal arts degrees also great for application to further study in graduate school.

Also popular at the college are the topics of Criminal Justice and Safety Studies. These majors are backed with professional programs that specialize in giving students career-specific training in occupations like General Law Enforcement, Forensic Analysis, and Criminal Analysis. Following this collected interest are the also popular majors of Business Administration & Management, Sport & Fitness Administration/Management, and Elementary Education & Teaching.

Since Mitchell College is a baccalaureate institution, only undergraduate rates apply. When enrolling full-time, undergraduate students pay $22,846 per year and, when enrolling part-time, students will pay $1,512 per credit hour. Financial aid at Mitchell College is supplied in some form and to some degree to 95% of all attending students in any given year.

Federal grants supply 1 out of 4 financial aid recipients with grants for tuition purposes. State and local sources have put tuition grants and awards into the pockets of just under half of the financial aid recipient populace. 93% of financial aid recipients are receiving institutional grants through Mitchell College itself leaving 95% of students with some form of financial aid.

Mitchell College may be small, but the possibilities aren’t. Students are given the support and academic diversity they need to get ahead in today’s world. In the near future, distance learners will be able to take online courses from Mitchell and perhaps, in the future, distance learners will receive degrees from Mitchell College also.

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