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Molloy College is a mid-sized college located in Rockville Centre, New York. Molloy College has gained national recognition and has achieved a rank in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges 2010”. Students at Molloy College are challenged academically because a collegiate education is not meant to be a marginal practice, it’s meant to shape the student’s future and thusly the student must work hard if they intend to make it far in their careers. Faculty at Molloy College is mostly full-time and fully qualified giving students academic support in the classroom, outside campus, online, and even in the careers they pursue after college.

Molloy College offers a select variety of online courses devised with the distance learner in mind. All online courses and programs are directed through Molloy College’s Division of Continuing Education and are contracted with Ed2Go. Courses can be taken fully or partially online and can be applied in a variety of ways. Students can apply their credits to a degree later earned on campus or even transfer their credits to another college or university for further study. Most colleges and universities in the United States accept credits earned at Molloy College.

One of the program sections offered at Molloy College is the Online Computer Certificate Program. Students participating in this program can receive a Certificate in Internet, Design & Technical Programs, a Certificate in Networking, a Certificate in Microsoft Software, or a Certificate in Video Design & Development. Any of these certificates are a valid way to enter the workforce with vocation-specific training and without the tedious and expensive formalities of earning the respective degree in the given field.

Molloy College is strong in the field of nursing with a concentrated amount of students pursing Associates of Science in Nursing and Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Also fortified at Molloy College is the field of Education with a large amount of students pursuing Elementary Education & Teaching or Secondary Education & Teaching. Early in Molloy’s development the school functioned partially as a normal school and continues that focus today.

When enrolling full-time, undergraduate students should expect to pay $18,700 per year and, when enrolling part-time, undergraduate students should expect to pay $620 per credit hour. Graduate students will pay $12,870 per year when enrolling full-time and $715 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. With these tuition rates in mind, financial aid is not hard to come by.

1 out of 4 financial aid recipients at Molloy are receiving federal grants, namely FAFSA, for tuition purposes. 2 out of 4 financial aid recipients are receiving financial aid through state or local sources, again, for tuition purposes. Molloy College itself hosts a variety of scholarships, grants, and awards and is responsible for supplying 85% of financial aid recipients with tuition aid to help curtail the cost of higher education.

As a private college in New York, Molloy College has delivered quality education to students, aspiring students to rewarding careers, and now distance education to distance learners. Apart from the wide array of courses distance learners have to choose from, there are certificates available as well. Perhaps, in the near future, Molloy College will confer degrees to distance learners also.

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