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Monmouth College is a college of the liberal arts located in Monmouth, Illinois. Monmouth has grown from a small, coeducational school into a college of over 1,300 students that come from all over the country and the world. Fundamental to the educational experience of Monmouth College is a close-knit relationship between students and faculty that emphasizes individualized education and exploration. As a formerly Presbyterian college, Monmouth seeks to harbor students of all faiths and beliefs and create a diverse atmosphere. This atmosphere, as many student testimonials confirm, created independent thought and stimulates each student’s creativity.

Currently, with the resources that Monmouth College has to work with, distance education or online courses are not available. As is the case with many developing colleges, there will be online courses offered at the college soon. Monmouth is apt to assemble an online education platform for distance learners to partake in and will work on this in the near future. From expanding online course selection comes distance learning degree opportunities and distance learners can expect opportunities to arise from Monmouth soon.

Monmouth College, since its earliest days, has functioned partially as a normal school. Many students at Monmouth college are pursuant of the field of Elementary Education & Teaching. This is good for students that want to make an impact in early childhood education and assume the role of a teacher or educational consultant. Complimenting this interest is the popularly pursued field of Speech & Rhetorical Studies. This major can again be applied to educational fields but also to Psychology and Childhood Development occupations.

Also strong at Monmouth College is the topic of Business Administration and Management. This major has prepared many students for work in the corporate landscape and Monmouth has graduated many students that have gone on to successful careers in Business. Other popular majors are Secondary Education & Teaching, Physical Education Teaching & Coaching, and General Psychology.

Since Monmouth College is baccalaureate in nature, undergraduate tuition rates apply only. Full-time undergraduate students will pay $24,000 per year and part-time undergraduate students pay $800 per credit hour. For matters concerning financial aid, 100% of students on Monmouth campus have received some form of financial aid and to some degree.

Monmouth College supplies each and every financial aid applicant with grants and awards, such as scholarships and need-based grants. Federal grants make it into the pockets of 1 out of 4 financial aid recipients each year and state/local grants make it to approximately 2 out of 4 students.

Monmouth College is an excellent college to attend when you want an intimate environment that concerns itself with the liberal arts and related studies. Distance learners may not yet have explicit opportunities to learn a Monmouth College, however, courses are bound to appear soon. Perhaps, in the near future, distance learners will be able to earn degrees from Monmouth College as well.

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