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Montana Tech is a subsidiary college of the Montana State University System and is located in Butte, Montana. Montana Tech offers some of the best education in the fields of science, engineering, and information technology. Students that enrolling at Montana Tech are given the tools they need to succeed, the academic range of choices they desire, and the career-specific training they need to enter the workforce with confidence. Montana Tech was named the 3rd Top Public Baccalaureate College in the West by the U.S. News & World Report.

Montana Tech hosts a variety of courses online for distance learners just like you. This can be an excellent chance to take courses and eliminate the tedious and costly requirements of earning general education credits on a college campus. Credits earned online at Montana Tech can be used for a degree later earned on campus or can be transferred to another college for further study. In either case, there are some online programs offered by Montana Tech leading to a degree.

Students can earn a Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene 100% online. This degree is aimed at advanced study in the field of Occupational Health. Students that participate in this program learn how to recognize, evaluate, and control health hazards that can arise in particular occupations. Students will also be able to use their knowledge to pass the certification examination that is proctored by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

Also offered at Montana University is the Master’s in Project Engineering & Management degree. This degree is aimed at students that have already earned a degree in some field of engineering or, for students without these credentials, supplementary courses are added to suit this deficiency. Students can earn their master’s degree in as little as a year if they choose to take courses at a quick pace, or students can follow a more traditional timeline.

Since Montana Tech is supported by the state of Montana, tuition rates vary based on the student’s status of residence. Resident/Non-resident undergraduates will pay $5,713/$15,425 per year when enrolling full-time and, when enrolling part-time, $5,713/$15,425 per credit hour. Resident/Non-resident graduates will pay $4,919/14,141 per year when enrolling full-time and $307/$819 per credit hour when enrolling part-time.

Federal grants are dispersed to approximately 1 out of 4 students that are receiving financial aid for tuition purposes. State and local grants make it into the pockets of just under half the student aid recipient populace. Montana Tech itself lends, awards, and grants scholarships and need-based grants to just over half of all financial aid recipients in any given year. In total, 85% of students at Montana Tech are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

For distance learners, there are select opportunities at the graduate level for earning degrees, but there are also many classes you may take for whatever purpose. Montana Tech is an excellent resource for technical students to earn a degree and head into the workforce for a rewarding line of work. Perhaps, in the near future, Montana Tech will confer more degrees to distance learners.

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