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The Monterey Institute of International Studies is a graduate school located in Monterey, California. The institute is a community of academics that commits itself towards preparing professionals to innovate and lead cross-cultured and multi-linguistic environments. The studies at Monterey Institute cover a broad range of topics with faculty that covers some of the most critical issues that America faces. Students can choose from majors in Business, Language Teaching, Human Rights, Nonproliferation, Translation & Interpretation and more fields of study not listed here. For this selection of study, almost 1,000 students have flocked to Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Currently, Monterey Institute of International Study doesn’t feature any distance learning programs nor does it feature online classes. As is the case with virtually any college or university in the United States, online classes are apt to appear soon. As online course selection expands to accommodate more and more courses, eventually the requirements of on online degree will be met. Students can therefore expect to see distance learning degrees to arise in the near future, if not certificates.

Since the Monterey Institute has an international focus, many of its strongest topics are internationally focused as well. The most popular field of study at MIIS is the major of International Relations & Affairs. Students that pursue this major are usually self-destined to become political analysts of either a particular vocation or independent work which can include consultant contracting as well. Following this interest, of course, is the field of Language Interpretation & Translation which leads to somewhat of a similar course of occupation with the added benefit of linguistic knowledge for verbal translation, document translation, and interpretation.

Students have also used the global outlook of Monterey Institute of International Studies as a means of pursuing International Business, Trade, and Commerce. Many of the cultural and linguistic strengths of Monterey can apply towards leading successful business or entrepreneurial endeavors in foreign markets almost assuredly. Other popular majors are Public Administration and Teaching English as a Second of Foreign Language.

Undergraduate students pay full-time tuition when enrolling full-time or part-time. Full-time tuition, on a yearly basis, comes at the cost of $29,300. Graduate students pay the same for full-time enrollment and, when enrolling part-time, pay $1,400 per credit hour. For any student that enrolls at Monterey Institute of International Studies, financial aid is not terribly hard to come by and students are usually able to procure it some form. The magnitude and recipient percentages among students for financial aid is not known, but what is certain is that awards and scholarships are given through MIIS and students can receive federal, state, and local aid when applying for it.

Monterey Institute of International Studies may be small, but the educational opportunities at the institute are not. Distance learners will see the rise of online courses in the near future. Perhaps, also in the future, Monterey Institute of International Studies will confer degrees to distance learners.

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