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Montreat College is a baccalaureate Christian college of the liberal arts and is located in Montreat, North Carolina. Montreat College focuses its resources into providing students with the best quality liberal arts education around combined with a commitment to Christian ethics and values. This incorporation of faith and learning gives each student a collegiate perspective that roots in the ethics of a Christian worldview and gives students the knowhow and confidence to pursue their fields with certainty and leadership. For these reasons, Montreat College has grown to over 1,000 students and will continue to grow with each coming year.

Montreat College features a select array of online classes that can be taken by distance learners and on-campus students alike. Courses can be taken individually or can be completed with the goal of a specific degree in mind. Credits earned online can be applied on campus or even transferred to an accepting school that offers degrees online or on campus. Most colleges and universities accept credits earned online at Montreat College.

Possible topics of study online at Montreat include, but are not limited to Math, Social Science, Literature, Humanities, Natural Science, and Biblical Studies. Course titles are among the following: New Testament Theology, Western Intellectual Tradition, Social History of Rock-n-Roll, the Christian World of C. S. Lewis, Shakespeare for Managers, Astronomy, General Psychology, Introduction to Mathematical Concepts and many more course titles not listed here.

Business Administration & Management is the strongest major at Montreat College. Although many Christian colleges specialize in the field of business, Montreat College is especially strong and offers many real-world opportunities for aspiring business students to partake in, like internships or collaborative study with Montreat’s neighboring institutions. Also popular at Montreat College are the fields of Organizational Behavior Studies, General Studies, Religious Studies, and Elementary Education & Teaching.

Undergraduate full-time students will pay $18,700 per year and undergraduate part-time students will pay $480 per credit hour for tuition purposes. Graduate students should expect to pay $7,500 per year when enrolling full-time and the same rate of tuition applies when enrolling part-time. Financial aid is given to 84% of students on campus in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are responsible for putting money into the pockets of 1 out of 3 financial aid recipients in any given year. State and local sources satiate the needs of just under half of the financial aid recipient populace at Montreat. The college itself lends, awards, and grants tuition aid to 65% of students that apply for financial aid.

Montreat College gives Christian students the power to get ahead in their studies with a strong liberal arts curriculum and the power of scripture. Distance learners can select from the array of online courses that Montreat College offers for their specific purpose. Perhaps, in the future, distance learners will be able to receive degrees from Montreat College as well.

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