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Morehead State University is a university of public status located in Morehead, Kentucky. Morehead State University is unique in that their approach to education strives to be more “engaged”. “Engaged” isn’t a simple course of action that can be carried out to make education better, it’s a conscious goal that has to be meticulously evaluated in each aspect of education and has to be acted upon accordingly. In this way, education at MSU is integrated, enjoying the benefits of personalized education, among other benefits. It is also affordable, giving students a superior experience that doesn’t compromise their  budgets.

Now is the time to join Morehead State University in distance education, as the university is just now coming into its own with online courses and soon-to-be distance education programs. There are a select set of courses that distance learners can take advantage of, although no collection of courses is yet able to satiate the requirements of any given degree offered by Morehead State presently. Course selection is likely to expand rapidly over the next few years and, thusly, it shouldn’t be long before distance learners have a chance to complete their education online with MSU.

Courses can be taken online for a variety of options, from independent study to asynchronous study all the way towards engaging in a particular degree program, although completion of said degree program would currently require a visit to campus. Many other colleges and universities will accept online credits earned at Morehead State and have applied these online credits towards degrees later earned on campus. There is even the option of switching to a complete distance education program after the completion of credits at Morehead. This is an excellent way to cut costs on distance education, as some colleges can even be expensive with their online credits.

Since Morehead State University is of public status, tuition varies by status of residency. Resident/Non-resident undergraduate students will pay $5,380/$13,340 per year when enrolling full-time and $220/$560 per credit hour when enrolling full-time. Resident/Non-resident graduate students will pay $5,730/$14,550 per year when enrolling full-time and $320/$810 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Costs of online courses per credit hour or class are not presently known.

98% of students attending Morehead State University have managed to procure financial aid in some form and to some degree. Approximately half of all students are receiving contributions from federal aid sources. State/local sources are responsible for 3 out of 4 financial aid recipients through awards and grants. Morehead State itself supplies roughly 1 in 3 financial aid recipients with scholarships, awards, and grants based on a variety of factors, mainly past academic performance.

Distance learners have a good selection of courses to choose from that will only be expanding over the coming years. For students that want to cut the cost of their education, but not the quality, Morehead State University is an excellent educational resource. It’s almost certain that distance learners will be able to receive a degree from Morehead State University in the near future.

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