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Morehouse College is a formerly Baptist-affiliated, historically African-American college seated in Atlanta, Georgia. The unwavering goal of Morehouse is to produce leaders that are strong in academics, strong in morale and morals, and strong in adaptability when applying their gift to a socially and economically changing world. An education at Morehouse College is that of academic rigor, and male-only education. Males at Morehouse College have the unique opportunity to function in a single-sex environment. Studies have shown that males in a single-sex environment do academically better than their coeducational counterparts.

As a college that is oriented in leadership, it’s no surprise that Morehouse is strong in the major of Business Administration & Management. Among other graduates, Morehouse students are especially prepared for careers in the corporate landscape, around the world, and especially in the field of entrepreneurship. It can also be argued that Morehouse takes an alternative approach to Business, or leadership education in general. Students are given a practical perspective in addition to the standard tools that students gain from any particular Business education.

Also popular at Morehouse College is the major of General Psychology. The students that pursue these fields are usually split between Psychology and Political Science and Government. If these students aren’t choosing between the two, they’re usually engaging in interdisciplinary study, double-majoring between the two, or putting one or the other in a major/minor. Also popular at Morehouse College are the fields of General English Language & Literature as well as Sociology.

Morehouse College doesn’t yet feature online courses nor have they yet featured distance learning programs or platforms. They are apt to assemble these educational opportunities soon just as most colleges have eventually done and successfully have carried out. Within the near future, a select group of online courses will appear and, in the coming years after that, distance education programs will appear as course selection expands to satiate certain degree requirements.

Since Morehouse College is baccalaureate in nature, undergraduate rates apply only. Undergraduate students should expect to pay $18,500 per year when enrolling full-time and $771 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. The cost of tuition at Morehouse College is reasonable given its private status but, beyond that, 95% of students attending Morehouse have managed to procure financial aid in some form.

Federal grant is dispersed to approximately 2 out of 3 financial aid recipients at Morehouse in any given term/semester/year. State and local sources combine to give 1 out of 3 financial aid recipients some form of an award or grant for tuition purposes. Morehouse itself supplies 1 out of 3 students with institutional grants as well as scholarships and awards based on a variety of factors, mostly prior academic performance.

Morehouse College has grown from a colored institution to a flourishing cultural college where students come to get a quality education, regardless of their walk of life. Distance learners will almost certainly see the rise of online classes in the near future and, following that, distance education programs as well.

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