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Morehouse School of Medicine is a graduate medical school that is located in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a school where students go to take strong, rigorous, some even accelerated programs of study leading to a credential somewhere in medicine. Morehouse offers a variety of programs to choose from for a variety of medical professions. Some students may pursue the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), other students prefer to learn about public health and receive the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.), and there are many options in the biomedical sciences. Whatever your course of medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine has the resources to help you get your degree.

Currently, Morehouse School of Medicine doesn’t feature any online classes nor does it feature any distance learning programs over the internet As a medical school, Morehouse is especially prone to introduce online courses in the near future, if not immediately. Many medical schools, particularly graduate-level schools, are offering distance education courses in increasing number, size, and especially quality. Online courses should appear at Morehouse within the near future and distance learners will eventually be able to earn their degree over the net.

Most students attending Morehouse pursue the track of General Medicine and become general practitioners after receiving the M.D. This is a particularly strong course of study to pursue at Morehouse, since Doctors of Medicine have many options open to them, and early graduates often go back to school to specify or enhance their degree even further. A good resource for gaining a public position, such as in healthcare provision, is the Master of Public Health, which even qualifies medical students for elements of administration within the sphere of Public Health.

Morehouse School of Medicine, after these two popular majors is left with continual and extensive research in the Biomedical Sciences. Many students pursue the major of Biosciences or Biomedical Sciences and often land in the laboratory doing research right beside their instructors. The same can especially be said for Clinical Laboratory Science majors.

Since Morehouse School of Medicine is a graduate-level school, only graduate rates apply. When graduates enroll full-time at Morehouse, tuition comes out to the yearly cost of $14,000. When graduates enroll part-time, tuition is charged $425 per credit hour. Despite the already low cost of education at this graduate school, many students still manage to procure financial aid to assist their studies.

What is certain is that there is a small variety of scholarships, grants, and awards that Morehouse itself offers to students based on a variety of factors, usually prior academic performance. The magnitude and the percentage of student financial aid recipients from federal, state, and local sources is not presently known, although these separate sources are open to application and have awarded financial aid to Morehouse students.

Morehouse School of Medicine is a straightforward institution that offers students a solid medical education without the typical embellishments of other medical schools. For students that want to pursue a graduate level degree over the net, online classes are highly likely to appear soon. Perhaps, in the future, Morehouse School of Medicine will confer degrees to distance learners as well.

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