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Morris Brown College is a baccalaureate liberal arts college affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church and located in Altanta, Georgia. Morris Brown College serves the basic function of preparing students for service as citizens and then goes on to educate them in their respective fields of study. Many colleges and universities follow a specific agenda, but Morris Brown College, apart from Methodist ties and involvement, doesn’t pick the student’s education style for them.  Students can pursue any level of education that they so desire and do so in a variety of curricula.

Currently, Morris Brown offers an undergraduate degree that can be completed 100% online. This degree is the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Leadership. This program is aimed at students that want to spend their careers applying general principles of systematic planning towards administrating and managing an organization of interest. This program has a variety of options awaiting at the other end, from accredited opportunities in ministry, public administration, or even in fields pertinent to the corporate landscape or entrepreneurship.

In addition to the complete online program that Morris Brown offers, there is also a selection of online courses that students can take to earn credits for whatever purpose. If the student does not choose to engage in the online Organizational Management and Leadership program, there are other degrees that can be pursued online and then later completed on campus. Another good option is to complete credits at Morris Brown and transfer to another institution that offers complete degrees online. Credits earned at Morris Brown college are accepted at most other colleges and universities across the United States and can be applied accordingly.

Most students pursue a degree in Management or even attempt the most common baccalaureate business degree, the Bachelor of Business Administration. Entrepreneurship is another lucrative route to take when pursuing one’s education at Morris Brown College in addition to fields of Technology, giving student’s a little bit of headway to take their business degree to an Information Technology context.

Morris Brown College offers the following estimates when inquiring about tuition costs. According to Morris Brown the tuition and fees for students living off campus per semester amount to $4,250. The approximate cost for books per semester is estimated to be $400. The costs of the online courses are not known.

Many students have found financial aid directly through Morris Brown itself with a variety of institutional grants and awards being dispersed to students based on a variety of factors, mostly prior academic performance. Federal aid has also been dispersed to many students in addition to state and local support, but the magnitude of this support and the recipient percentage of students is not precisely known.

Morris Brown College has harbored a legacy of quality education for all that apply and for whichever purpose. Distance learners have a baccalaureate degree option in addition to online courses individually or asynchronously. The classes and degrees that Morris Brown offers are apt only to expand.

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