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Morris College is a baccalaureate college of the liberal arts that is located in Sumter, South Carolina. Morris College has strived to contribute to academics by bringing each student that wants to approach higher education to their fullest potential. This is achieved by maintaining an affordable price on education, ample resources for all who need it in education, and individualized attention from instructors and staff. All of these efforts are framed within a traditional, Christian environment instilling ethics both in the curriculum and the actions of the students as they move on to pursue their careers.

Currently, Morris College does not feature any online classes nor does it feature distance learning programs that can be perused over the net. As is the case with many colleges and universities, Morris is apt to bring about online opportunities for distance learners to partake in. Usually, this will commence in the form of online courses. Then, as online course selection expands, the requisites of a degree can be met more and more online. Distance learners can expect distance learning programs to arise in the near future.

As a Christian college, Morris College has done well to foster a strong Business program, and with options for a variety of business applications and vocations. Many students have gone through to achieve the baccalaureate form of the popular business administration degree, the Bachelor of Business Administration. That isn’t to say, of course, that there aren’t specified alternatives to the generic administrative major. Many students specialize in information systems, marketing, accounting, and finance. For instance, a student that wants to pursue business might opt out and receive the Bachelor of Science in Marketing or the Bachelor of Science in Economics.

There has also been concentration from students that want to assume leadership roles outside the world of business. Many students choose the general course of Parks, Recreation & Leisure Facilities Management. Many other students choose community oriented leadership roles or roles in science also.

Since Morris College is baccalaureate in nature, only undergraduate rates apply. Undergraduate students will pay $9,621 per year when enrolling full-time. When enrolling part-time, students should expect to pay $389 per credit hour. With the efforts of federal aid sources and service, Morris College is plentiful in the area of financial aid.

Morris College itself contributes to approximately 1 out of 10 financial aid recipients with scholarships, grants, and awards based on a variety of factors, usually prior academic performance. Federal aid contributes to 5 out of 6 financial aid recipients with grants in any given term, semester, or year. State and local aid sources, on the other hand, account for just over half the student populace.

Morris College is an environment of potential, both in the ways of academics and in the ways of fulfilling one’s inner spirits with Christian faith. For distance learners that want to combine these two worlds for a complete education, Morris College is the proper resource to look to. It is possible that Morris College will be conferring degrees to distance learners in the near future.

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