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Mount Aloysius College is a college that shares affiliations with the Roman Catholic Church and is located in Cresson, Pennsylvania. Mount Aloysius College traces its roots back to the auspices of the Sisters of Mercy, an ardent Catholic group of sisters that have laid the foundations for many prosperous Catholic institutions of higher education. Continuing in this tradition, Mount Aloysius strives to put each student in their own element with personalized education and education that reaches into all parts of the human being, particularly the mind and the soul.

Distance learning opportunities provided by Mount Aloysius College are directed through the department of Graduate and Continuing Education. There is a variety of opportunities available for students that range from taking individual online classes to pursuing full online degrees at Mount Aloysius. Most importantly, credits and degrees earned online at this college are backed by the accreditation that Mount Aloysius receives and the instruction that Mount Aloysius is known for.

There exists a baccalaureate program and four certificate programs that can all be completed 100% online. The degree program offered at Mount Aloysius College is that of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. This degree program is aimed at students that have already accumulated an associate’s degree or the equivalent in credits. Thusly, it is better referred to as a degree completion program. Students that complete their bachelor’s degree online can enjoy the many doors that open giving entryway into vocations of business, entrepreneurship, consultation, management, and full-time positions. Students can also take the Bachelor of Science and continue the credential up until the Master of Business Administration is reached.

For students that want to earn a certificate instead of a degree, there is the Certificate in Business, the Certificate in Finance, the Certificate in Criminal Justice Addictions Professional, and a Certificate in Medical Coding. Mostly, these programs can be taken at the standard pace to receive a certificate in a year. Students also have the option of accelerating the pace of these certificate programs allowing them to earn their degree in a matter of a few terms.

Undergraduate students enrolling full-time at Mount Aloysius should expect to pay $15,930 per year and, when enrolling part-time, $450 per credit hour. Graduate students will pay $8,100 per year when enrolling full-time and $450 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. For online courses, the cost is $370 per credit hour.

Federal grants are dispersed to approximately half of the student populace in any given semester and state/local resources contribute to approximately 2 out of 3 financial aid recipients. Mount Aloysius College makes financial contributions to virtually all students that are attending the college with 97% receiving institutional grants from the college itself. In total, 99% of all students at Mount Aloysius college are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

For Catholic students that want a close-knit environment to pursue their studies in, Mount Aloysius College is a sound choice. Distance learners have a small selection of programs and a wide selection of courses to choose from. Mount Aloysius is likely to continually expand its online options with each coming term.

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