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Mount Marty College, is a college of the liberal arts that is vested in Roman Catholic tradition and is located in Yankton, South Dakota. The main focus of Mount Marty is to develop the whole being, and not simply a fragment of the student’s potential. Mount Marty College educates the student by supplying intellectual development, professional expertise, personal skills, and a fabric of morality to base their spirituality on. Likewise, students of all faiths are welcome to Mount Marty College to enhance their lives with higher education and the quality instruction to put behind it.

Mount Marty College has a selection of online classes and hybrid classes that distance learners can partake in. Presently, there are no complete certificate or degree programs that can be taken 100% online, however, if the student wills it, there are degree programs that can be taken partially online and then later completed on campus. One way to avoid taking a trip to campus is to complete whatever can be completed online and then take the credits to another college that does feature complete online degree programs. Most colleges and universities around the United States will accept credits from Mount Marty College.

When examining the scope of academics at Mount Marty College, the most concentrated and specialized field offered is that of Business Administration & Management. As statistics will show, most Christian or Catholic colleges specialize in Business, Education, and Nursing. The three most popularly pursued majors at Mount Marty College are, not surprisingly, Business Administration & Management, Nursing/Nurse Anesthetist, and Elementary Education & Teaching.

There are some degree programs that complete their coursework primarily through distance learning contexts. One such example of this would be the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministries. This program, for instance, consists of 36 credits and simply combines work on the computer with residency seminars.

Undergraduates pay $16,240 per year when enrolling full-time and $410 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Graduate students should expect to pay $10,637 per year when enrolling full-time and $265 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Students need not fear the act of financing their education, for every student on Mount Marty campus is receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Mount Marty College itself gives tuition aid to 92% of attending students primarily through scholarships based from prior academic performance, but also on alternative bases, such as religious disposition. Federal grants are dispersed to approximately 4 out of 10 financial aid recipients in any given term or semester. State and local sources contribute to roughly 1 out of 8 students leaving 89% of Mount Marty College students to partake in student loans and similar forms of tuition aid.

Mount Marty College is the Catholic college to attend when you want a quality education without spending every last dime that you have. Distance learners have options when applying to online courses for whatever their purpose of education. Perhaps, in the near future, Mount Marty College will confer degrees to distance learners as well.

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