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Mount Mary College is a women’s college of the liberal arts rooted in Roman Catholic tradition and is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The primary focus of Mount Mary is to enable aspiring women to achieve their goals by discovery of their talents, strengths, career goals, and personal interests. The faculty is resultantly student-centered placing emphasis on each individual student as opposed to looking to the entire class for communication.  Education is high quality due to the straightforward belief at Mount Mary that for a student to achieve their best, they must be educated at the best possible standards.

Mount Mary offers a selection of online education options for those who can’t make it to campus. There are some online courses, seminars, and workshops available that are provided by Mount Mary’s department of Non-credit Continuing Education. Most courses are designed for the working professional that wants to augment their degree with a few skills and, in some cases, earn a certification of some sort online. This certification is namely a certificate in some subject matter.

Many women at Mount Mary College have chosen to concentrate their education in Social Sciences. Students of this major experience some of the best quality education and resources that Mount Mary has to offer because classes taught in the field of Social Sciences are taught almost exclusively by full-time, graduate degree holders. Many in the major of Social Sciences specify in the field of International Relations and pursue consultant, educational, political, or even governmental positions.

Mount Mary is different in that most Catholic schools for women have a forte in Nursing, but the college has instead specified more generally in Health Sciences, as opposed to blatantly moving Nursing programs to the forefront of its academic selection. There is also some emphasis on visual and performing arts. A good number of students pursuing this general major have gone on to performing and instructional positions, often both.

Undergraduate full-time students should expect to pay $21,668 per year when enrolling full-time and $648 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Graduate full-time students should expect to pay $8,240 per year when enrolling full-time and $525 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. 95% of students at Mount Mary manage to procure financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants, for instance, make it into the pockets of roughly half of the student populace. State and local sources supply roughly the same amount of students with grants and awards being distributed to an average of 54% of students in any given term, semester, or year. Mount Mary itself contributes financial aid to 4 out of 5 students with an array of scholarships, grants, and awards based off of different factors, mainly prior academic performance and religious affiliations.

For young women that are ready to pursue their careers through education, Mount Mary College provides the resources to accomplish just that. For distance learners, although there are currently only a few options that can be used, colleges like this are apt only to expand their online educational resources and will most likely grant degrees to distance learners in the near future.

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