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Mount Mercy University is a baccalaureate Catholic college of the liberal arts and is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Mount Mercy strives to inspire leadership and compassionate service in its students by offering them the tools to succeed and the educational support to aid them in their goals. Classes are small and are given the utmost attention by highly qualified instructors that give the course content meaning in addition to clarity and understanding. People that have graduated from Mount Mercy are among teachers, successful businessmen and businesswomen, and civic leaders that have all used the power of higher education to make an impact on their communities.

Distance learning at Mount Mercy is currently unavailable as is the option of taking online classes or seminars. Many Catholic higher learning institutions have successfully and effectively assembled online and distance learning platforms for distance learners to partake in. It is very likely that online classes will be offered by Mount Mercy in the near future. Distance learners can therefore expect opportunities to arise in the coming semesters.

As is the trend for Christian and Catholic schools around the United States, there is much educational emphasis on the concentrations of Business Administration, Nursing, and Early Childhood Education. Business, following suit, is the foremost pursued major at Mount Mercy College and sports instructional attention from highly-qualified staff and, often times, practicing professionals that teach with refreshed experience and current expertise.

Nursing also receives high-quality instruction from professionals that actively work within the fields of Nursing, Healthcare, and General Medicine. Nursing is the second most popular major at Mount Mercy, but has certainly not received any less investment than Business education. There are some classes at the graduate level pertinent to teaching interests and, here, Elementary Education & Teaching students can be found attempting to earn graduate credits, or basically the foundations of a Master’s degree.

At the undergraduate level, students will pay the cost of $21,125 per year when enrolling full-time and $585 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. At the graduate level, only part-time enrollment is available and graduate students enrolling part-time should expect to pay $390 per credit hour. It is often feared by students paying 20,000+ per year that a lot of loans will have to be taken out to satiate this price. Fortunately, 97% of Mount Mercy students receive non-repayable aid and grants in any given year.

Federal grants are dispersed to an approximate average of 1 out of 4 students at Mount Mercy College and state/local funds supply a financial aid recipient portion that is closer to 2 out of 3 students. Mount Mercy itself is responsible to granting tuition aid and awards to all 97% of the financial aid recipients through scholarships and other merit-based installments.

Mount Mercy is the college of choice when Catholic students need an in-depth educational experience and meaningful resources to guide them along the way. Distance learners may have the opportunity to take online classes in the near future and perhaps, in the near future, the opportunity to earn degrees as well.

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