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Mount Saint Mary College is a baccalaureate Catholic college of the liberal arts located in Newburgh, New York. Many testimonies from students at Mount Saint Mary claim that the environment is caring, vibrant, and diverse. The college’s commitment towards upholding these qualities has been strong and has propelled the college into the high ranks of educational quality and prestige. Mount Saint Mary is a diversely populated community of educators and scholars alike that respect each student as the individual they are and the graduate each student wants to become.

Although, there are no completely 100% online distance learning degree programs at Mount Saint Mary quite yet, there is a selection of hybrid programs that distance learners can partake in. This is a good resource for distance learners that would be willing to minimize their campus trips just as well as eliminate their campus trips. Online classes and online material presented by Mount Saint Mary College are backed by Mount Saint Mary College’s instructors and the same level of quality upheld on campus.

One such hybrid program is titled the Online Hybrid R.N. to B.S.N. program. This program is designed to take Registered Nurses through a series of Nursing courses and peripheral credits to arrive at the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Students that have not already completed the qualification of a Registered Nurse can receive a 30 credit waiver towards the B.S.N. upon completion of a course titled Foundations of Nursing.

A similar hybrid program is arranged through collaboration between Mount Saint Mary College and Rockland Community College. This program is titled as the Online Hybrid Business Degree. This program takes on an accelerated pace and can be completed in as little as 2 years. At the end of this program students receive a Bachelor of Science in Business degree which can function credit-wise on its own, or even be applied towards the popular Master of Business Administration!

Undergraduate students enrolling at Mount Saint Mary College should expect to pay $20,040 per year when taking classes at full-time and $668 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Graduate students should expect to pay $13,356 per year when enrolling full-time and $742 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Many students paying 20,000+ per year for tuition fear the process of financing their education. Fortunately, an average of 93% of students at Mount Saint Mary manage to procure financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are dispersed to 1 out of 4 students attending Mount Saint Mary and state/local sources contribute to roughly half of all financial aid recipients. Mount Saint Mary itself contributes to 83% of its students drawing from a variety of resources, like scholarships and external grants. 3 out of 4 students partake in student loans.

For the Catholic student with success and thorough education in mind, this is the college to go to. Mount Saint Mary has made a small variety of resources available to distance learners and is likely to expand into awarding degrees 100% online in the near future.

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