Mount Sierra College Distance Learning

Mount Sierra College is a baccalaureate college located in Monrovia, California. Mount Sierra focuses its educational efforts into building a curriculum of immersion and hands-on training that gives students the knowledge they need and the supporting experience to go with their education. The college has many fields to choose from major-wise, but there are special programs in Media Arts, Design, Business, and General Technology. Mount Sierra is aimed at the future offering students up-to-date and relevant study programs designed to meet the changing social and technological world of tomorrow with the flexibility to fit anyone’s schedule.

Mount Sierra has embraced the flexibility of modern collegiate demands by implementing the FlexLearn system. This system allows students to choose any major or degree that they want and decide what portion of the coursework and classroom attendance will be completed on campus or online. This is an excellent option for students that can motivate themselves to pace their coursework and complete their degree, but who also need the leeway to balance their daily lives.

Some of the possible degrees that can be earned online include a Bachelor of Business Administration (with an option for majoring in Entrepreneurship), a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Effects & Digital Video, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. All of these degrees can be earned by taking courses online at the pace that the distance learner desires. Business degrees, for one, can be earned and used in and of themselves, or applied towards a graduate school to earn a higher degree, say, the Master of Business Administration.

The strongest programs at Mount Sierra are that of a computer basis. This field of majors includes the topics of Computer Systems, Networking, Technology, Information Technology, and off into the fields that use computers as a tool for other skills, like Graphic Design, Interactive Technology, and Web Development. Students can also apply themselves in more traditional design arts if computers aren’t their particular forte.

Since Mount Sierra College is a baccalaureate school, only undergraduate rates apply. Undergraduate students should expect to pay $12,150 per year when enrolling full-time and $308 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Since the FlexLearn system uses online and on-campus elements, online credits can be expected to cost the same and on-campus credits.

Federal grants are dispersed to approximately half of the student body contributing the most non-repayable student aid of all sources. State and local sources contribute to approximately 7% of students on average through grants and awards of various kinds. Mount Sierra itself contributes to 18% of the financial aid recipient populace with scholarships, grants, and awards based on a number of factors, mainly prior academic performance.

Distance learning at Mount Sierra College is so fully integrated that it is considered to be synonymous with learning on campus. Students have the full flexibility to achieve a degree in Design, Business, or Technology at their own pace and on their own time. Opportunities like these are few and far between, making Mount Sierra College a solid choice in distance education.

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