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Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a Christian university of the liberal arts and is located in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The university’s prime directive is to shape the lives of its students by educating the whole person, mind and spirit, preparing students for a lifelong journey of learning. Mount Vernon seeks to promote Christ-like role models in an effort to spread the benefits and morality that Christ’s teachings once brought to Nazarene itself. All of this is stacked on top of a liberal arts core designed to give students the best possible education, again, to the mind and spirit.

Mount Vernon has paid attention to the increasing demands of distance learning students across the country and has offered online courses for their very purpose. Courses can be taken asynchronously or individually, as there are no full online degree programs available just yet. One option that distance learners have at Mount Vernon is to take courses online and earn as many credits as possible to later earn the degree on campus. Students can also transfer their credits to another institution that does feature fully online degree programs. Most colleges and universities in the United States will accept credits earned online at Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University features a strong concentration in General Business & Commerce. This means that there is an emphasis both on the instruction and on the instructional quality of the academics concerning this field. Many students earn their Bachelor of Science in Business, Commerce or Marketing while some pursue the Bachelor of Business Administration. Either of these degrees can be applied towards a Master of Business Administration and some students pursue this degree during their education at Mount Vernon.

Also strong at the university are the majors of Teacher Education & Professional Development, Non-profit/Public Organizational Management, and Organizational Behavior Studies. The latter two majors are really a non-profit permutation of the common business major. Teaching is strongly emphasized at Mount Vernon as well, with many experienced instructors manning the classrooms.

When enrolling full-time at Mount Vernon Nazarene, undergraduate students should expect to pay $18,770 per year and, when enrolling part-time, $689 per credit hour. Graduate students will pay $9,595 per year when enrolling full-time and $516 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. The cost of tuition is a non-issue for most students due mostly to the fact that every student at Mount Vernon is receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are dispersed to an average of roughly 1 out of 4 students in any given year. State and local resources supply approximately 9 out of 10 students with local and external grants or awards. Mount Vernon Nazarene University itself gives financial assistance to 100% of attending students through institutional grants, mostly merit-based scholarships.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University is wholly a great school for a Christian student that wants a full education of the mind and spirit. Distance learners can partake in online classes in the meantime but, in the near future, online degree programs may appear in full.

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