Movies We Wish Were Books

Although I’m not a very big advocate of spending our days watching movies, I am an¬†advocate of literature and reading. In lieu of what was just said, there are movies that I’ve watched (and others that you’ve probably seen too!) that you wish was a book. Usually, people opt for books that they wish to be transposed onto the big screen – but this post is for the opposite!

I assume it'd be hard to take movies like this and turn it into a book though. (photo by Sweetie187)

I assume it’d be hard to take movies like this and turn it into a book though. (photo by Sweetie187)

#1. The Daisies

If you’re into artsy, strange, and peculiar things – this movie will be something you’ll greatly enjoy. It’s a Czechoslovak comedy-drama that follows these two girls, who decide to be very bad – and are in competition to be “more spoiled.” To be spoiled has both the literal meaning and also a sexual connotation.

Daisies are, as quoted by Slant Magazine, “…young girls who have reached pubescence, and are fully aware of their sexual power, but aren’t ready to embrace it, so they test it first. It’s a peculiar age, full of identity shifts.”¬†The movie was deemed as a movie that “depicted the wanton” – and thus was banned by Czech authority. The director was forbidden to work in her homeland from that time to 1975.

#2. The Kings of Summer

This movie was released this year – 2013 – but it still sounds like such a good novel to me! It’s got the same aura that Where the Wild Things Are has, minus the monsters. The movie follows three boys who are all about teenage rebellion, who leave their parent’s homes to live in a home that they built themselves in the woods of Ohio.

The comedy-drama was originally a Sundance Film Festival film, but was shortly in theaters for the month of May 2013.

#3. Sucker Punch

Hahaha – as if this movie wasn’t marketed towards male viewers! Nonetheless I enjoyed the movie a lot. However – it’s not the most popular with everyone else. I don’t understand why! The CGI was nice. Perhaps it was the fact that the story line was a bit obscure.

Basically, in Sucker Punch – a woman is institutionalized and creates an alternate reality where she envisions a plan to escape from the institution – because at the end of five days, she will be lobotomized. In the alternate reality is where the action, fantasy, and “dancing” take place.

The movie, in my opinion, is great because you don’t know where it’s heading to. You don’t know the ending until the very end – which is different than what I’m used to, because I, alike most people, can predict the ending of a movie and be correct.

What I’ve learned from writing this post is that comedy-dramas should be books, and although I’m not a big fan of fantasy, if it’s a bit of a drama or thriller, I can manage it.

What are some movies that you wish were books?

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