Must Have Apps for College Students

Smart phones and tablets are rapidly becoming an invaluable tool for higher education. It’s not just that they are “helpful” any more, they look to become an indispensible part of the process very soon. With hundreds of new apps appearing every single day, and many of them geared towards learning or organizing, phones and tablets are becoming more handy by the day.

These apps turn your smart phone into an all purpose tool for college, photo by Dru Bloomfield - At Home in Scottsdale

These apps turn your smart phone into an all purpose tool for college, photo by Dru Bloomfield – At Home in Scottsdale

If you are going to school, on campus or on line, take a look at some of these apps, that exist solely to make your life easier.

Virtual University – Can’t get enough lectures? Or maybe you’re an on line student and you feel like you’re missing out on the college experience. Check out this free app, which compiles thousands of lectures from different professors in hundreds of different schools all across the country. You can search lectures by subject, to give you access to more information than only mere professor can give. Also included are a link up to social media sites, and a community discussion board.

Camscanner – Phone PDF – Definitely one of the coolest and most useful apps I’ve found for students of any age; this one quite simply converts your phone into a scanner. If you come across a page, a paragraph, or a sentence that you need copied but don’t have time to print it out or copy it down, just utilize this app, with which you can scan the document. It is converted and saved as a PDF file, which can be emailed or printed out.

Cash4Books Scan and Sell Books – A very simple app that will get you good information quickly. Simply scan the bar code of a book, and the app will reference the home site and instantly give you a price for the book. This way you can compare book prices before you buy, on the spot. It also will give you a buy-back price (meaning how much they will pay you to buy your book). For anyone that has had to deal with the headaches of college textbooks, this app it a must have.

Easy Voice Recorder – Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with every single word of a lecture, even if you know they are important words. You could bring a recorder in, but who actually uses a recorder any more? Well, no one now that you can download this app for free. Engage the app and turn your phone into a voice recorder, capture those lectures or review sessions, and then transcribe them later at your leisure. You can record files as WAV files or as MP4s.

Handycalc – The fact that this great calculator is a free app is almost good enough right there. Solve equations and plot graphs just like any other high end calculator. But it also has extra features you might not expect, like automatic conversions for currency and metric, and different settings to use to find area, mass, pressure, and length.

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