My Experiences at a Community College

It’s the end of my first semester of community college and I’ve survived pretty well up until now. I took some of the hardest gen. ed courses I needed to get it all over with so that next semester, I could relax a bit – with classes that seem relatively easy (not taking into account the amount of work that will be given) like Sociology.

Experiences of college life are a lot like this picture: you don't get it. (photo by Phillie Casablanca)

Experiences of college life are a lot like this picture: you don’t get it. (photo by Phillie Casablanca)

Even though I haven’t been enrolled in a four-year university yet, I know that the courses offered at my community college, although being the same as what is offered at a four-year university, are substantially easier. The classes are as small as a public high school’s classroom, and my teachers are much more lenient because it’s much more personal.

Without further ado, here are some of the things I’ve learned in my first semester of community college.

#1: Without some sort of planning, you’ll forget to turn in assignments.

Next semester I’m buying one of those ridiculously large calendars and taking all of the syllabuses, inputting all of the dates so I know when everything will be due at the start.

#2: It’s okay to miss class, but not often.

I generally give myself the rule of “one per class.” Most of the time it’s because I’m not feeling well or I’m having some sort of transportation issue. Other times it’s simply because I don’t want to go.

#3: Never take classes before 9AM.

You’ll regret it when you do. I know that I did.

#4: Don’t buy food from your school.

They overprice their hummus and pretzels, and that’s more than enough for me to stop buying food from them altogether. I’d rather buy my hummus and pretzels elsewhere, thank you.

#5: Never take Friday classes.

If being a full-time student means taking four classes per semester, then why opt for a Friday? Ever wonder why parties happen Thursday nights and the party cities in your state are alive on Thursday nights? It’s because it’s the college kid’s Friday night.

#6: Always ask if you can turn an assignment in late.

The worst that your professors can do is to say no. In the past, I’ve talked about my Intro to Music professor giving me this life lesson.

#7: Required books sometimes aren’t required.

A couple of my books this semester were left virtually untouched – because even though they were “required” to have, there was never any use out of them. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it safe and get all of the books you’ll need. It’s just something interesting.

#8: You don’t need a backpack when you go to a small campus.

Instead, use your car’s trunk. If you’re worried about safety, I wouldn’t. It’s a small campus and security is on scene. And I’m sure there’s cameras around as well.

#9: The best thing to do is to stop looking at the clock.

When you’re in class and it’s getting harder to focus, it’s tempting to look at the clock. Don’t. You’ll just look at it more and more. And that’s no fun – and also kind of disrespectful to your professor.

#10: Missing assignments isn’t the end of the world.

If you’re missing one or two assignments, and your teacher counts everything (not just tests, like other professors I have do) – then don’t worry. Your grade isn’t going to be demolished.

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