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In the past, we have discussed posts about what clubs and organizations you can join in high school. One of the most prestigious of the collective group is the National Honor Society. Established in 1921, the National Honor Society seeks to reward outstanding high school students. These high school students who apply and are accepted for the positions are those who exceed in these areas: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. It is estimated that over one million students are currently a part of their school’s chapter of the National Honor Society, making the National Honor Society one of the most renowned societies of the American high school.

The induction ceremony at an NHS chapter. (photo by Jim, the Photographer)

The induction ceremony at an NHS chapter. (photo by Jim, the Photographer)

In many ways, National Honor Society is a way for schools to recognize and encourage positive reinforcement for their students. I have seen my peers genuinely excited and disappointed as a result of their acceptance or denial to the organization – which is understandable, considering the amount of effort given to be admitted as a part of this society. Additionally, it coerces students into keeping up with their grades and character. Without a certain grade point average, a clean record, involvement in the society, as well as involvement in the community, you can not stay within the society. A certain number of community services hours are required to keep position in the organization. For my school’s chapter, we all participated in Relay for Life for the fight against cancer. Of course, this is not the only way your school’s chapter can involve themselves collectively in the community. Speak with your National Honor Society leaders if you are curious about a certain event you can partake in.

Of course, scholarships and awards are part of the prestigious society. It is a wonderful benefit to be able to add your participation and involvement in National Honor Society to college applications as well as in resumes of sorts. However, it doesn’t stop there – you are able to apply to scholarships only designated for those who are members of the National Honor Society, which substantially gives you a higher chance of receiving them considering only the elites of every school will be able to partake (and you will be one of them!) Here are some of the scholarships you can receive: American Citizenship Award, President’s Education Award Program, and the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

With the chance to talk to peers of ideas and learn a bit more about leadership and the potentials you have, being one of the elites of your school community, there are many more valuable resources to be given by being a member of the National Honor Society. There are no apparent cons of being a member of this society – it only makes you look like a student with character and leadership that others will want, whether it be in their college or in their business.

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