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Nazarene Bible College is a Bible College of the Nazarene tradition and is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The primary directive of Nazarene Bible College is to prepare adults, students, and professionals alike to disciple, minster, and evangelize the word of the Bible to the world. NBC is one of only ten Nazarene higher education institutions in the United States and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Nazarene Bible College is also accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Students at Nazarene will receive the support, spiritual nourishment, and skills to go far in disseminating the Bible.

Nazarene Bible College has fully integrated its curriculum into an online format for Christian distance learners to access from all over the world and has done so since 1998. All of the degree programs that Nazarene Bible College offers are also offered in an online format. This means that the vast majority of degrees that can be earned on campus can also be earned 100% online. Courses and programs attended online are backed by the quality instruction and accreditation that Nazarene Bible College continually manages.

There are two degrees that are offered at Nazarene Bible College: the Associate of Arts in Ministry and the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry. The A.A. in Ministry is designed for students that want to gain skills in ministry and work as clerical or lay leaders in Christian organization. The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry is designed for students that have obtained the respective A.A. and want to expand their knowledge to assume higher positions of leadership with the Christian faith. Either of these degrees can be completed online and within a large selection of majors. Some majors are Bible & Theology, Christian Educational Ministries, Christian School Education, Counseling for Christian Ministries, Leadership in Ethics, Pastoral Ministries, and Pastoral Leadership.

Since the only degrees offered at Nazarene Bible College are the Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees, one need only be concerned with undergraduate tuition rates. Undergraduate students should expect to pay $8,300 per year when applying full-time at Nazarene Bible College and, when enrolling part-time, will pay $275 per credit hour. Although the cost of tuition is quite low, there are still financial aid opportunities available to help further curtail the cost of education.

Federal grants are dispersed to approximately 1 out of 3 students in any given term or semester on average. State and local grants have not been known to be taken by Nazarene students or accepted by Nazarene Bible College. Nazarene Bible College itself contributes financial aid to all of its students to some degree and usually on the basis of academic performance or religious merits.

Nazarene Bible College is a solid choice for Christian learners that want to earn their degree efficiently, but in a thorough, holistic manner. Distance learners are treated alongside on-campus students as the individuals they ought to be treated as. It is very likely that, in the future, Nazarene Bible College will be expanding to the graduate level, both on campus and online.

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