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Nazareth College is a college of the liberal arts that is located in Rochester, New York. Nazareth challenges its students to achieve their full potential in the field of their choosing while supplying the educational foundation of the liberal arts and sciences. There is a variety of topics covered at Nazareth College that span over 40 different continuing education, undergraduate, and graduate programs. Students that enroll in Nazareth College are destined to become all that they can be, which is inclusive of being leaders in their fields, impacting their society, and innovating in the fields and careers of their choice.

Nazareth College presently doesn’t have any online course or distance learning capabilities. Distance learners have been able to enroll at virtually any college or university without trouble. This is because the usual trend for any college or university is that it eventually features online education capabilities be it workshops, some form of continuing education, online degree programs, or just individual online or hybrid courses. In this respect, distance learners can expect opportunities to arise soon in the ways of earning credits over the net from Nazareth College.

At Nazareth College, there are five very popular fields of study that have all received mostly equal attention from the student populace. These five majors are Business Administration & Management, General Psychology, Audiology/Audiologist & Speech-Language Pathology, Reading Teacher Education, and Elementary Education & Teaching. Generally speaking the two strengths of Nazareth College are that of Business and Education majors. All of these listed concentrations not only receive concentrated attention, but have moreover received attention from Nazareth College in aspects of quality, renewal, and prestige.

Nazareth College features separate schools that will later propel the college (probably in the near future) into achieving university status. These schools are the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Education, the School of Health & Human Services, and the School of Management. Note that the strongest majors mostly have their own separate schools to focus in.

Undergraduate students will pay the price of $23,046 per year when enrolling full-time and will pay $549 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Graduate students, when enrolling full-time, should expect to pay $15,768 per year and will pay $657 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Often times, students paying in the upwards of $20,000 per year have to resort to student loans and other repayable forms of aid. Fortunately, 100% of students are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are dispersed to 1 out of 4 financial aid recipients at Nazareth College in any given year or semester. State and local aid combines to cover 2 out of 3 financial aid recipients with grants and awards from a variety of sources. Nazareth College itself supplies 98% of its students with grants, awards, loans, and scholarships.

Nazareth College, simply put, means opportunity. Students can achieve their goals with the assurance and confidence of knowing that all the right resources are in place to help them every step of the way.  Distance learners may not yet have the opportunity to attend Nazareth College, but they certainly will have that capability in the future.

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