Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health Distance Learning

The Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health is a college affiliated with the United Methodist Church and located in Omaha, Nebraska. Nebraska Methodist College is that of a close-knit community of students and scholars alike that support one another creating an atmosphere of both welcoming ease and academic rigor. Students learn by service learning experiences, and real-world immersion in their fields of study. Education in the Health Sciences and Nursing vocations must integrate practice and theory to create an effective education. Thankfully, Nebraska Methodist College emphasizes both giving students an education they will use to the fullest extent.

Nebraska Methodist College features a variety of online degree programs designed with the distance learner in mind. Classes taken at Nebraska Methodist are backed by the same quality instructors that teach on campus and each credit earned is supported by the accreditation of NMCNAH. Courses can be administered at a traditional pace or an accelerated pace giving the student control over the throttle and the time it takes to earn an online degree.

One such online degree program is titled the Online Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Educator. This master’s level course is designed to put nursing students and/or professionals into the seat of teaching, management, or even leadership positions within healthcare administration. Of course, earning the higher degree expands the student’s earning potential in addition to qualifying the student for vocations of higher rank. The online M.S.N. program is considering prestigious not for any particular aspect of the education process, but by the results that graduates have brought from the program.

Another program is titled Online Master of Science in Health Promotion Management. This degree builds upon previous credentials, namely the Bachelor of Science and, in some cases, the equivalent in credits earned. Professionals graduating from this program learn to administrate wellness programs for specific organizations and the responsibilities entailed.

Undergraduate students enrolling full-time at Nebraska Methodist College should expect to pay $11,128 per year and, when enrolling part-time, should expect to pay $448 per credit hour. Graduate students will pay $6,228 per year when enrolling full-time and $544 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Fortunately for students at NMCNAH, 98% of the student populace receives financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are dispersed in any given year or term to an approximate average of 1 out of 4 financial aid recipients at Nebraska Methodist. State and local grants and awards make it into the pockets of approximately 1 out of 6 financial aid recipients each year. Nebraska Methodist College itself supplies about 5 in 6 students with financial aid in the form of institutional grants and other financial awards.

Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health is more than simply a prestigious institution of higher learning, it’s a welcoming community of Health Science students and professors. Distance learners have an ample share of options when applying at Nebraska Methodist College and are likely to receive more options in the near future as well as on-campus students.

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