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Neumann University is a Roman Catholic college of the Franciscan tradition and is situated in Aston, Pennsylvania. Neumann features many different majors and concentrations to choose from as well as a select grouping of graduate programs and accelerated programs. The Franciscan tradition emphasizes respect for each individual, environmental consciousness, and responsibility in the social scheme. Student to faculty ratio is kept at a carefully low 14 to 1 to ensure personalized attention in lectures and small uncompetitive class sizes. Topping all of this off is the university’s commitment towards exposing students to real-world experience and immersion pushing them through their education and seamlessly into their careers.

Neumann University has made thorough concessions for distance learners to partake in and earn their credits from home. To start with, Neumann University features a selection of online courses that can be taken any which way the student desires. This means that the pace can be shifted from traditional to accelerated and taken at any rate, part-time and full-time. Courses taught online at Neumann University are given the attention of on-campus instructors and receive the accreditation that Neumann University continually receives.

There are two distinct online degree programs offered at Neumann University that are designed with the working adult in mind. One of the degrees is the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal studies, which follows an accelerated pace and can be completed 100% online, and the Master of Science in Strategic Leadership. Each program has a set selection of courses and requirements that are streamlined to deliver students to their degree with the proper qualifications to match. The Master of Science degree, nota bene, builds upon the previous bachelor’s level degree and does not supply the undergraduate credits necessary for completion. The B.A. in Liberal Studies program, however, does.

Undergraduate students, when enrolling full-time, should expect to pay $18,846 per year when enrolling full-time and, when enrolling part-time, will pay $431 per credit hour. Graduate students will pay the cost of $9,396 when attending Neumann University full-time or the cost of  $522 per credit hour when attending classes on a part-time basis. 95% of students at Neumann University are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are responsible for the financial aid of 1 out of 3 aid recipients at Neumann University in any given year. State and local sources combine to reach roughly the same distribution of financial aid recipients in the form of grants and awards. Neumann University itself grants scholarships, awards, and other institutional grants to 95% of students leaving 86% partaking in student loans.

Neumann University cultivates both the student and the Franciscan traditions that Catholics value. Where better to combine the two tenets but in a University that gives students the flexibility of on-campus attendance or online attendance. Distance learners have some resources to work with for now and will likely have many more resources in the future.

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