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Nevada State College is a baccalaureate college of public status located in Henderson, Nevada. Nevada State College is a part of the Nevada System of Higher Education and receives academic and financial backing from the state. Nevada State is the newest institution of higher learning in the state and is a comprehensive college committed to educating students towards succeeding in the real world and in the careers they pursue. The student body and atmosphere is diverse, giving each student an eclectic exposure to many different backgrounds and walks of life in addition to their studies in their major.

Nevada State College features a broad array of courses that can be taken any which way the student desires. This means that courses don’t have to necessarily be applied towards any particular path or major, although, many students choose to take their courses online in this manner. Most importantly, courses taught online at Nevada State College are taught by Nevada State College on-campus instructors, as opposed to receiving marginal attention from a teaching assistant or intern. Credits earned online at Nevada State College are respected at most colleges and universities around the United States and are backed by Nevada State’s continuing accreditation and merits.

There is a particularly strong concentration of study in the field of Nursing. Students usually take the paths of R.N. to A.S.N., R.N. to B.S.N., and B.S.N. to M.S.N. and join the workforce as nurses, nursing assistants, nursing administrators, and health care managers or administrators. Following the concentration of Nursing is the second most popular major of Elementary Education & Teaching which has chronically received Nevada State’s fullest attention in order to produce some of the best graduates in Teaching that the state has to offer. Other popular fields of study are Business Administration & Management, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Administration, and General Psychology.

Since Nevada State College is of public status, tuition rates vary by the student’s status of residency. Also, since the college is baccalaureate in nature, only undergraduate tuition rates apply. Resident undergraduates will pay $2,805 per year when enrolling full-time and $98 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Non-resident undergraduates will pay $11,204 per year when enrolling full-time and $201 per credit hour when enrolling part-time.

From term to term, there is very little contribution by Nevada State College in the ways of institutional grants or generally financial aid. This is mostly due to the fact that students are mostly residential and don’t need financial aid as much to cover the cost of tuition. Federal, state, and local grants combine to supply roughly 3 out of 10 students in any given year.

Nevada State College has proven to be a wellspring of opportunity not only for Nevada residents, but for students that come from all over the country to study at Nevada State. Distance learners may not yet have the opportunity to earn a full degree online from Nevada State, but this capability will likely come within the near future.

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